Posted: February 13th, 2023

write from one of the villagers in “The Lottery”, or perhaps from the perspective of Tom Robinson as he awaits trial).

It was my first time in court, and I could feel the nervous anticipation rising within me. As Tom Robinson walked through the door, a hush fell over the room and all eyes were on him. He had been accused of assaulting a white woman, so everyone knew why he was here today.

Write an alternate part of the story from a different character’s perspective (example: write from one of the villagers in “The Lottery”, or perhaps from the perspective of Tom Robinson as he awaits trial).

My heart sank as I watched him take his seat in the center of the courtroom. His face was pale and he appeared to be resigned to whatever his fate might bring. I could see that he looked lost as his gaze drifted around the room, avoiding eye contact with anyone who might hurt him further if they caught his glance.

The prosecutor began by accusing Tom of rape and assault without any evidence or proof other than accusations from one of her neighbor’s daughter’s word alone—the same neighbor whom Tom had been helping out for weeks prior to this incident occurred. The accuser testified that she felt violated after being touched “in a manner which she did not consent,” although no physical evidence existed beyond her claim either way. Despite this lack of evidence, it seemed like every person in that courtroom already assumed Tom’s guilt before any testimony had been given at all!

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Tom responded by stating simply “I didn’t do it” but no one believed him; most people just shook their heads knowingly even though there was no real proof presented either way yet. The lawyer went on to say that even though there wasn’t enough evidence against Tom, they would still try him so justice can be served – but it felt more like they wanted an easy win than actually serving justice at this point!

While all this was happening inside the courtroom, outside there were people gathered protesting for equal rights and justice for African Americans—from both whites and blacks alike—but their cries for equality seemed unheard within those walls… It couldn’t have felt much worse for me watching my friend suffer from these false accusations while nothing changed outside except growing unrest amongst others seeking accountability from our society too!

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In all truthfulness I think it is safe to say we all knew what the verdict would be even before Judge Taylor declared it: guilty of rape charges but not guilty on assault charges due to lack of sufficient proof against him despite what anyone else said otherwise.. Afterwards as we watched them lead poor old Tom away handcuffed tightly between two officers- something broke deep down within me…like how could someone ever get a fair trial when racism ran rampant throughout our country? This whole thing felt wrong on multiple levels as I watched with tears streaming down my face- fighting back emotions while feeling helplessly powerless at the same time …

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