Posted: February 13th, 2023

Write an essay in which you support your assessment of the quotation through analysis of one or two of the literary texts you have read.

“Great literature transcends time and can still be relevant to readers in the modern age.”

This statement is absolutely true, as great literature truly has a timeless quality that allows it to remain relevant to generations of readers. This fact speaks to the universal themes found in such works — topics like love, loss, family, justice and morality — which ensure that these texts will resonate with people regardless of when they were written. In this essay I will examine how two iconic pieces of literature from widely different eras demonstrate this truth: Homer’s Odyssey from Ancient Greece, and J.D Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye from mid-20th century America.

Write an essay in which you support your assessment of the quotation through analysis of one or two of the literary texts you have read.

The Odyssey was written around 800 BC by Homer as an epic poem chronicling the journey of its hero Odysseus back home after years away fighting in The Trojan War. It is considered one of the most important ancient works ever created and continues to influence popular culture today through art, film, television and music. Despite being composed almost 3000 years ago it still has relevance for our own time; its core theme of struggling against adversity resonates deeply on both a personal and societal level. Its story of Odysseus’ long odyssey serves as a reminder that perseverance always pays off in life no matter what obstacles you face or how difficult they may seem at first glance. Even though his quest was plagued by misfortune he never gave up hope nor lost sight of his goal – an inspiring example for modern audiences going through their own struggles who seek guidance or motivation for overcoming them.

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Equally renowned is J D Salinger’s book The Catcher in the Rye released in 1951 but still occupying a place among some lists of top books even now more than 70 years later . Set amidst teenage angst at an exclusive boarding school ,the novel revolves around Holden Caulfield ,a disenchanted student who rebels against society’s norms . His misadventures throughout NYC serve as hard learned lessons about life’s realities- relationships ,fulfillment ,heartbreak & death -reminding us all that such things are part & parcel of being alive & should be embraced instead shying away from them .Like any decent coming-of age story ,Catcher also includes moments where Holden finds solace during his darkest hours ; reaffirming yet again our need & desire for connection with others during times we feel isolated or misunderstood . It helps remind modern day readers – especially those going through similar growing pains -o f these essential components needed not only survive but thrive despite life’s challenges

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To conclude then :great literature does indeed transcend time because its characters archetypes& stories encapsulate universal experiences about human nature which endures despite technological advances or changes across generations .As demonstrated here by both The Odyssey & Catcher In The rye (despite their very contrasting settings) both stories continue to speak deep truths about our lives regardless when they were published .It could also be said too that while each might have addressed particular cultural concerns specific to their respective times ,their effect on us remains timeless & valid no matter when we read these texts

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