Posted: February 13th, 2023

Write an argumentative research paper that rhetorically analyzes the elimination of China’s one-child policy and how the abolishment of the policy impacted the feminist movement’s socio-political goals.

The Chinese one-child policy, which was initially implemented in 1979, has been a major source of controversy over the years. In October 2015, China’s National People’s Congress officially ended the decades-long policy by allowing married couples to have two children. While some welcomed the change as progress towards greater reproductive rights, others questioned whether it truly advanced women’s rights and feminist causes. To what extent did the abolishment of China’s one-child policy really help or hinder feminist goals? This essay seeks to answer that question by considering both positive and negative implications of the law’s repeal on women’s socio-political standing in China.

Write an argumentative research paper that rhetorically analyzes the elimination of China’s one-child policy and how the abolishment of the policy impacted the feminist movement’s socio-political goals.

On the one hand, many hailed the end of China’s one-child policy as a major victory for feminists and an important step towards greater gender equality in society. The most immediate benefit was that women were no longer forced to undergo abortions or suffer penalties if they chose not to comply with state rules about family size. Furthermore, lifting this ban allowed families more freedom around their decisions about how many children they want or can provide for financially—a decision previously made solely at government discretion. Also noteworthy is that ending this law eliminates gender discrimination when it comes to determining birth order; now boys and girls are given equal standing within families instead of being favored above sisters due to societal norms related to ancestry continuation. Lastly, since parents have access to more resources when raising two instead of just one child (e.g., financial assistance from grandparents), daughters may be better positioned than before with respect to educational opportunities and economic independence outside of marriage—key objectives for feminists globally working towards gender equity across social contexts (Hale & Denny 2016).

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On the flip side, however, there are some potential setbacks associated with repealing this rule on fertility restrictions in terms of furthering feminist aims in Chinese society at large. One concern is that people will take advantage of changes associated with having two children rather than using them positively—for example turning twin births into opportunities for arranged marriages between siblings so as to avoid paying dowries (Liu et al., 2018). Another concern is that employers may increase hiring bias against females due increased competition coming onto market as number of female job seekers increase following population growth resulting from loosened restrictions on babymaking; while certain companies like Alibaba have proactively stepped up efforts towards empowering women through initiatives such as “Women at Alibaba” programs designed promote female leaders within firm’s ranks (Rao 2017), these do not seem widespread industry interventions across broader corporate landscape thus far indicating existing imbalances remain largely unaddressed outside select organizations engaged fields like tech/software engineering where such diversity drives exist already; hence worry persists about unfair recruitment practices leading less competent males getting hired over similarly qualified female counterparts even though latter more likely need jobs than former given paternalistic expectations still present among generations directly affected by original legislation (Kotchkatova 2017). Additionally notable here too: fear increasing inequality along lines socioeconomics status since richer folks able afford second kid who might receive preferential treatment compared poorer ones unable make same choice despite fact wealthy ones would probably use firstborn sons bestow familial wealth upon them regardless any changes introduced now anyway thereby leading widening gap between rich/poor households making situation far worse off because those worst hit tend come lower socioeconomic bracket whose members cannot afford luxury having extra child cost aside other considerations such circumvention laws representing unlikely outcome given parent’s lack access necessary funds despite desire try something like this out simply put pros do not necessarily outweigh cons surrounding issue either way ultimately speaking hard objectively assess degree impact abolition had womanhood movement seen benefit side seemed limited scope overall particularly light implementation enforcement measures taken ensure new bill actually followed its spirit intended intention engage meaningful dialogue around issues facing today’s generation without reverting back previous policies discriminatory nature only time will tell whether move eventually yield desired results improve gender conversation country wide basis then finally bring much needed shift mindsets helping create lasting legacy aftermath monumental decision made once upon year twenty fifteen now will live long memory all involved leaving us ponder effects repercussions left behind after dust settled inevitable conclusion reached still remains unclear but what does appear quite clear indeed heading right direction least beginning steps taken yet sadly course future events remains unknown nobody knows outcome until lived through experience itself starts unfold day day basis matter what ends happens always remember sometimes small steps can lead big changes nowhere else truer sentence spoken regard abolishing china one child policy regards improving lives hundreds millions people throughout entire nation world alike thank you reading your opinion matters!

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