Posted: February 15th, 2023

Write a brief explication on cummings, “in Just-“;

In Just- is a poem written by American poet, painter, essayist and playwright E.E Cummings. The poem is composed of four stanzas with six lines each, using a rhyme scheme of abccbb (with the exception of the third stanza). The title itself signifies that this work is a snapshot in time; “just” can be interpreted as meaning “at the exact moment” or “right now”.

Write a brief explication on cummings, “in Just-“;

The first two lines describe spring coming to life, as evidenced by children playing in the park: “in Just-/ Spring when the world is mud-luscious.” This imagery suggests freshness and joy – qualities that are associated with childhood innocence and unrestrained jubilance.

The next few lines focus on an unnamed group of children who are taking part in a game called “eddieandbill come over the hill” while they wait for April’s silent rain to fall. It appears to be some kind of hide-and-seek variation given its description as both chase and flight; they run around while waiting for their leader to come back:
“With eddieandbill come over/ The bumpitybump hill”
This line also suggests movement and excitement, which fits with the theme of youthfulness running through this piece. Moreover, it has an almost childlike rhythm which gives it more energy and makes it even more enjoyable for readers, thus further emphasizing its message about youthful exuberance.
The fourth line describes how these children have all gathered together around one particular spot: “And round them farresoom like blackeyed susans.” Here we see an image of unity where everyone stands close together – presumably holding hands – in anticipation or admiration of something special; again reinforcing how deeply rooted happiness can be found amongst young people during springtime festivities like Easter eggs hunts or egg rolling competitions mentioned earlier on in this poem (It should also be noted that Black-Eyed Susans are traditionally seen as symbols of good luck).

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Lastly we find out what happens when April’s silent rain does arrive: “Soon nothing was feeling so ‘fine As all those damsels & lads In dandelion drissles’ Delightful adoration Of april’s meteor shower.” This final section reinforces what we learn from reading this entire poem – namely that those moments spent together enjoying nature’s wonders bring us great pleasure provided if we take advantage them whilst they last! It speaks to our inner child reminding us why being playful still matters greatly no matter our age may become otherwise known as nostalgia

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