Posted: March 10th, 2023

Why is time management important to medical facilities and to medical professionals in general? What strategies can be used now that will be helpful in future careers?”

Time management is a vital skill for medical professionals to learn, as it allows for more efficient and effective care of patients. Time management is important for medical facilities, as it helps maximize the use of resources and time. It also helps reduce costs associated with inefficient practices. For example, if staff are not adequately managing their time, they may be unable to attend meetings or complete tasks in a timely manner which can lead to delays in patient care (Morse et al., 2019). Additionally, inefficiencies caused by poor time management can cause errors in diagnoses or treatments that could have potentially been avoided had the right amount of time been allocated correctly (Timmins & O’Flanagan, 2017).

Medical professionals need to manage their own personal schedules while taking into consideration the needs of the facility they work in. In order to do this effectively, they must develop effective strategies that focus on being organized and prioritizing tasks appropriately (Gomez et al., 2019). One strategy involves creating manageable goals such as breaking down large projects into smaller tasks that can be completed within a specified period of time (Gomez et al., 2019). This will help ensure that all aspects of a project are addressed effectively and efficiently. Additionally, having an adequate plan will help identify potential problems before they arise so that appropriate solutions can be put into place quickly (Gomez et al., 2019).

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Why is time management important to medical facilities and to medical professionals in general? What strategies can be used now that will be helpful in future careers?”

Another strategy involves setting deadlines for each task or project assigned by managers or supervisors within the facility (Mathews & Matza-Browne 2020). Establishing realistic deadlines will ensure tasks are completed on time and any issues related to overdue projects can be discussed with supervisors earlier rather than later when there is likely less flexibility with how much additional support or assistance may be available (Mathews & Matza-Browne 2020). Having these expectations established well before any due dates also provides an opportunity for staff members to ask questions early on if there are any areas where clarification is needed. Finally utilizing technology such as automated reminders through applications like Google Calendar or email alerts via Outlook can help streamline processes involved with reminding oneself when certain events may occur(Heller 2018) . Utilising these type features “may improve productivity up 20 percent”(Heller 2018), allowing individuals increase what was previously achievable within specific periods given particular constraints.

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These strategies used now will also benefit future careers because they create good habits and routines around organizing one’s schedule which become second nature over repeated uses regardless of eventual career path taken. Having good organizational skills allow individuals avoid situations where critical details go overlooked resulting from lackadaisical approaches towards managing appointments , commitments ,and other relevant items many professions require keeping track off.(Kearns 2012) By implementing certain forms organization early on ,such methods often become ingrained behaviours eventually leading towards increased proficiency at tackling multiple obligations simultaneously along with greater control over how those responsibilities get handled.(Kearns 2012)

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