Posted: March 5th, 2023

Why does Dylan not use birth control, according to evolutionary psychology

Evolutionary psychology is a branch of science that seeks to explain behaviors, motivations, and emotions through understanding how certain traits evolved as humans adapted to their environment over time. From this perspective, one can attempt to understand why Dylan does not use birth control by examining the evolutionary reasons behind his decision.

One reason may be that it is an instinctual behavior for males in particular to strive for reproductive success above all else (Campbell & Coon, 2018). This means that they are likely hardwired on some level to seek out multiple partners so as to spread their genetics across a larger pool. By avoiding using any form of birth control or protection during sexual encounters, Dylan would increase his chances of reproducing with more partners thereby increasing the likelihood of passing along his genes and increasing his overall reproductive success.

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Why does Dylan not use birth control, according to evolutionary psychology

A second reason could have something to do with perceived mate value and social status. Evolutionarily speaking, males were able to boost their social standing among peers if they had many sexual conquests (Mace et al., 2017). Therefore if Dylan believes he will benefit from having multiple partners then he may choose not use contraception in order demonstrate his own “mating prowess” which would theoretically result in greater societal acceptance and higher self worth.

Furthermore, there may also be a biological basis for Dylan’s avoidance of contraception due its potential influence on hormones such as testosterone and estrogen (Archer & O’Neil 2008). For example, taking hormonal contraceptives can reduce levels of testosterone which has been linked with increased aggression and decreased libido (Starr et al., 2011). As such, it may be natural for someone like Dylan who is driven by primal urges such as mating desire or dominance displays which require high levels of these hormones – hence why avoiding anything that might inhibit them would make sense from an evolutionary standpoint.

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In sum, we can see why evolutionary psychology might offer insight into why someone like Dylan might dodge taking precautions against conceiving children during intimate moments – whether intentional or not – through various mechanisms associated with ancestral-level motivation towards reproduction success as well as hormonal regulation that could directly affect behavior patterns related thereto.

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