Posted: March 13th, 2023

Why do you think the basic criminal justice model, which was created in 1967, is still used today? Do you believe it can or should be improved upon

The basic criminal justice model, which was created in 1967 and describes the three main components of the criminal justice system (law enforcement, courts and corrections) is still used today because it provides a framework for understanding how these various areas work together to support public safety. It is also important to note that this model has been refined and updated over time as new research has suggested improvements. For example, there have been changes made to enhance communication between law enforcement agencies and other government entities such as social services or mental health providers (Flynn, Witte & Farole 2020). This allows for additional resources to be provided if needed in order to ensure public safety. Additionally, having a single model helps to ensure consistency across different jurisdictions so that everyone involved in the criminal justice process can better understand their role and responsibilities.

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Why do you think the basic criminal justice model, which was created in 1967, is still used today? Do you believe it can or should be improved upon

While the basic criminal justice model has stood the test of time since its original creation more than fifty years ago, I do believe it can be improved upon. One area that could use improvement would be better coordination between law enforcement agencies at all levels (local, state and federal). Currently too often information-sharing does not occur quickly enough among different police departments which results in delays when trying to solve cases or identify suspects in multiple jurisdictions (Murphy 2019). Similarly greater collaboration with community groups could help build trust between residents and police officers which may result in increased reporting of crime by citizens who are otherwise reluctant due to concerns about retribution from criminals or lack of faith that their reports will be taken seriously by authorities (Gonzalez et al., 2018).

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Finally another potential improvement would involve integrating technology into the basic criminal justice model wherever possible. The introduction of body cameras on officers along with virtual court proceedings have already begun but further advances should be made whenever feasible so as to help streamline processes while ensuring accuracy during investigations and trials (Hall 2017). Additionally data analysis tools like predictive policing software can be employed more widely so that patterns can potentially be identified ahead of time rather than waiting until after an incident has already occurred (Kleinberg 2017). All of these steps could potentially lead to improved outcomes for both victims and offenders over what’s currently available through traditional methods alone without sacrificing any necessary safeguards previously put into place within existing systems.

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