Posted: February 13th, 2023

Why did Alexander the Great not return home after defeating the Persians?

Alexander the Great is one of history’s most renowned conquerors, conquering most of the known world in just a few years. After defeating the Persians and taking control of their vast empire he could have easily returned home to Macedonia as a triumphant hero and live out his days in luxury. However, this did not happen and instead Alexander continued his conquests for another 8 years before finally dying at the age of 32 without ever having returned home.

Most agree that his refusal to come home was due in part to his ambition and thirst for conquest but there are other factors which may have contributed as well. Firstly, Alexander had forged strong connections with many Greek cities during his campaigns and wanted to ensure their safety by expanding Macedonian rule beyond Greece’s borders into Asia Minor. This would also give him access to more resources which he could use to fund future military expeditions while simultaneously increasing trade opportunities between East & West leading way towards greater prosperity all around.

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Why did Alexander the Great not return home after defeating the Persians?

Additionally it’s likely that after seeing so much success on battlefield – Alexander feared that if he were to return home without any further conquests then people would begin questioning why stopped expanding when had chance go even farther… In essence this “fear of failure” was probably what kept him from coming back immediately after defeating Persians – instead wanting prove himself capable completing every task set front thus ensuring everlasting glory upon eventual return !

Finally some believe that Alexander simply fell love new life away from Macedon choosing remain abroad because found comfort among foreign cultures/customs thus making it easier forget troubles back home (i.e.: ongoing political unrest between rival factions jockeying power) – thereby leaving behind good memories full exploration adventure instead bad ones related dynastic strife/rivalry endemic region time…

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All combined together these reasons provide insights into why didn’t return right away following victory Persian Empire – but despite never going back ultimately achieved greatness through sheer determination & courage far surpassing anyone who came before him !

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