Posted: March 12th, 2023

Which factor, communication, or coordination of care do you consider the most crucial factor in Josie’s case? Why? Support your response. 

In Josie’s case, communication is the most crucial factor in her care. In caring for any patient it is essential to work as a team, but it is especially important in cases such as Josie’s where there are multiple providers involved and decisions must be taken quickly. Adequate communication between all members of the healthcare team can ensure that everyone has accurate information about the patient and can be aware of any changes or new developments in their condition (Kolker et al., 2018).

Josie is admitted on an emergency basis due to her acute pain symptoms resulting from pancreatitis. While she has been previously diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, this admission represents an exacerbation of her prior medical condition requiring expedited evaluation by multiple specialists. Each provider needs access to Josie’s medical history and complete understanding of what tests have been performed and treatments prescribed during this hospitalization so that they can make informed decisions about her care going forward (Rao et al., 2019). Open communication between all members of the healthcare team helps ensure that each individual has up-to-date information which may impact future treatment decisions or support services required for optimal recovery.

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In addition, coordination among all providers can greatly improve outcomes especially when medication adjustments are made or if additional supportive therapies are needed (Reuter et al., 2020). For example, when Dr. Smith prescribes the FeSO4 supplement while prescribing insulin glargine three times daily he will need to communicate directly with Dr. Jones who prescribed these medications originally so that necessary modifications in dosage timing or type may be promptly addressed based on current lab values and clinical presentation rather than waiting for additional laboratory results to inform his decision making process (Weber & Pieperhoff, 2017). This could prevent further decline in glucose control leading to potential episodes of hypoglycemia which could require further interventions including glucagon administration thus delaying adequate glycemic control even more .

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Which factor, communication, or coordination of care do you consider the most crucial factor in Josie’s case? Why? Support your response.

Furthermore having open communication among providers also allows them to collaborate on shared goals specific to Josie’s unique situation such as optimizing glycemic control reducing risk factors associated with recurrent acute pancreatitis admissions developing a plan for nutrition optimization minimizing short term morbidity secondary diabetes related complications due complicating long standing disease processes etcetera (Haleem & Ahsanuddin 2016). By working together effectively each specialist can develop an effective plan tailored specifically for Josie addressing both immediate issues related to this admission as well as any underlying conditions contributing to her overall decline in health status ultimately leading towards improved quality out comes outcomes (Scott et al., 2018)..

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Therefore given the complexity presented within Josie’s case study open communications not only allows each provider treating her during this hospital stay but also assists themin collaboratively reaching desired end points however beyond simply enhancing individual interaction clear concise communication servesas critical aspectof interdisciplinary teamwork essentialfor optimalpatient outcome regardlessof diagnosis acuityor levelof complexity(Martin2014; Yawn& Callahan2015).

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