Posted: February 13th, 2023

What were some causes of the American Revolution?

The American Revolution was a significant event that changed the history of both North America and Europe forever. The revolution began when colonists who had been living under British rule felt oppressed by taxation laws imposed on them without representation in Parliament. This discontent led to an organized resistance against British authority culminating in full-scale war between 1775 – 1783 resulting eventual separation through Treaty Paris (1783) officially recognizing United States America independent nation its own right.

The primary cause behind American Revolution was resentment over taxation measures taken King George III’s government meant financially burden colonies support military efforts Europe particularly costly Seven years’ War (1756 -1763). Acts like Sugar Stamp Townshend duties frequently opposed fervently colonial populace leading boycotts protests many cases outright defiance civil disobedience being met harsh repression worsening situation even further eventually inciting violence outbreak hostilities Boston Massacre Concord Bridge sparking Revolutionary War itself.

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What were some causes of the American Revolution?

Other less obvious factors helped contribute climate unrest present during pre-revolutionary period example economic concerns lack opportunity bettering one’s self due restrictive mercantile policies enforced Britain effectually preventing development industrial sector colonists prioritizing profits London based business interests despite detriment long term growth country itself diminishing value lives citizens whose labour sustaining those institutions robbing them autonomy freedom pursue meaningful pursuits outside provided employment governmental decree institution slavery entrenched South added layer tensions stemming desire liberty held so dear newly forming society though ultimately not addressed until after Civil War some ninety years later redefining concept ‘freedom’  in eyes Americans once again.

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