Posted: March 12th, 2023

 What were major issues for women during the Second and Third Waves and why? 

During the Second and Third Waves of feminism, women faced a number of complex issues that extended beyond gender-based inequality. For example , during the Second Wave,which began in the 1960s, most feminists focused on gaining legal rights for female citizens such as reproductive freedom and equal pay .These campaigns helped bring attention to widespread discrimination against women in all aspects of life from education to job opportunities .

In addition ,the Second Wave saw an increase in activism around violence against women ,including domestic abuse. This was due largely to publications such as Andrea Dworkin’s 1977 book “Woman Hating” which highlighted how systemic misogyny had resulted in physical and emotional harm being inflicted upon females by both men and society at large.

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 What were major issues for women during the Second and Third Waves and why?

The Third Wave, which began during the late 1980s early 1990s marked shift away from these more traditional feminist issues instead focusing greater emphasis race sexuality In particular much effort went into fighting stereotypes associated with certain groups LGBTQ+ experiences third wave also saw rise intersectional feminism – idea interconnected systems oppression work together keep one group marginalized while privileging another <b</bOverall it can be concluded that whilst traditional feminist concerns still remained prominent during both second third waves there significant differences terms priorities focus These later iterations have greatly expanded scope ideas represented under umbrella term By recognizing differences between multiple generations participants movement modern day activists able build stronger platform for achieving social justice Conclusion this ultimately lays foundation future progress towards equality opportunity all genders

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