Posted: March 13th, 2023

What was so important about this New World across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe? How did it change globalization

The discovery of the New World across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe had a profound impact on globalization. By opening up new markets, resources, and opportunities for trade, culture, societies, innovations, and exchanges between old and new worlds. The shift in global power dynamics resulting from this encounter changed the way European nations interacted with one another as well as how they related to far-off regions such as Africa and Asia (Mannix & Cowley 2020).

Before Christopher Columbus’s arrival in 1492, there was limited contact between Europe and its colonies in the Americas. This meant that many items that were found only in Europe were extremely expensive or unavailable altogether due to their rarity (Gillespie 2019). With the opening of sea passages to America following Columbus’s voyage, access to these rare items expanded dramatically. Items such as tobacco, sugar cane plants which could be used for making rum or molasses syrup created economic booms throughout Europe due to increased demand (Gillespie 2019). Additionally it allowed nations like Spain more resources with which they could fund future expeditions while countries like England began producing products specifically tailored towards American tastes such as rum which helped fuel colonial growth (Gillespie 2019).

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What was so important about this New World across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe? How did it change globalization

This newfound access also had an effect on cultural exchanges between old and new world societies. Native Americans interacted with Europeans through trade networks established by Spanish conquistadors bringing goods from Europe into exchange for labor or land rights (Mannix & Cowley 2020). Additionally religious missionary efforts brought Christianity into native populations often leading to conversion experiences when indigenous cultures blended together spiritual beliefs creating syncretic religions such as Santeria which is a combination of African Yoruba rituals combined with Catholic practices today practiced mainly by Latinx communities throughout South America (Wellman 2017). Through this mixture of cultural influences over time came further innovations like mestizaje amongst Latin American people where both Indigenous traditions combined with European ones have led to distinct social norms including language dialects music forms dance styles artwork etc.(Pesci 2005)

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Furthermore technological developments occurred within these confines due largely to increased communication between different parts of world— particularly those connected through maritime routes —that opened up opportunities for creative problem solving during times when traditional solutions weren’t readily available (Cooper 2008; Gillespie 2019) . For instance sailing ships developed during this period implemented technologies never seen beforesuchas compasses astrolabes mercury barometers sextants navigational charts even firearms eventually arriving at destinations quickly safely efficiently previously impossible goals before (Brooks 2006 ). In other words globalization provided an opportunity for Europeans not just trading goods but also ideas technology knowledge experiences all combining into what we now call “globalization” today  (Bryson 2002).”

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In conclusion it can be said that without the discovery of New World across the Atlantic ocean from Europe, globalization would have been significantly stunted. By introducing greater accessibility to rare items along with blending different cultures thereby inspiring innovation made possible through increased communication created vast amounts of wealth opportunities advancements science technology art literature etc.—allowing us experience world differently than ever before ultimately changing our understanding

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