Posted: March 13th, 2023

What type of emotions did you feel during each type of activity?

When engaging in physical activities such as running, I usually experience a combination of emotions. The primary feeling is a sense of excitement and energy. As I begin to pick up speed, this emotion quickly turns into a feeling of adrenaline and power which can be quite empowering. At the same time, there is also an underlying feeling of accomplishment due to the fact that I am pushing my body further than it has gone before.

What type of emotions did you feel during each type of activity?

Creative activities on the other hand often evoke feelings of joy and satisfaction. When I immerse myself in painting or drawing for example, I find myself becoming very relaxed as my mind wanders through the process of creating something new and unique every time. This type of activity can also bring out a sense of pride when looking back at what has been accomplished which is always rewarding.

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Mentally challenging tasks like problem solving can sometimes lead to frustration depending on how difficult they are but even then there is still an element of pride in being able to eventually solve them – especially if it takes some extra effort! There’s also often an accompanying rush when coming up with ideas or solutions that you may not have thought were possible before tackling the challenge head-on…< br >< br >References< br >< br >Richardson T., 8 Benefits Of Physical Activity 2021 Web 21 April 2021

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