Posted: March 12th, 2023

What tools and/or techniques could a manager used to ensure that the message communicated is understood by the receiver as intended

Communication is a key component of any successful business. Without effective communication, projects can be delayed and goals may not be met. As such, one of the primary responsibilities for managers is to ensure that their message is communicated effectively and understood by the intended receiver as originally intended. There are a variety of tools and techniques that managers can use to ensure that this happens.

One effective tool for ensuring understanding between the sender and receiver is active listening (Andersen & Taylor, 2014). Active listening involves making sure that you truly understand both what was said and why it was said from the speaker’s perspective (Strohmetz et al., 2006). This includes engaging with the person while they are speaking, asking clarifying questions when needed, repeating back what was said to validate understanding, and acknowledging feelings associated with the conversation (Haski-Leventhal & Botterill 2013). By focusing on active listening during conversations with subordinates or peers will help managers to ensure their messages are heard correctly.

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Another technique that managers can employ in order to accurately communicate messages is feedback loops (Ongori & Woodiwiss 2012). This technique requires sending out a message which then requires an actionable response from multiple parties before it comes back around full circle (Drevdahl et al., 2011). While often used in research studies or surveys, feedback loops can also be used at a management level by requiring employees or other stakeholders to provide feedback on a particular issue before implementing any changes based off of initial communications sent out by manager’s themselves. Using this method creates accountability for those providing responses but also ensures accuracy in regards to how the original message was actually received within various groups affected by it or related to it in some way.

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What tools and/or techniques could a manager used to ensure that the message communicated is understood by the receiver as intended

Role playing could also serve as an additional tool for ensuring effective communication within organizations overseen by managers (Townsend & Sonnenberg 2018). Role playing allows individuals involved in communicating certain messages practice delivering them verbally as well as hearing them delivered from different perspectives so they become comfortable expressing them more concisely upon actual delivery of those same messages later on down the line after role play has been completed (Hepworth 2017; Iliescu et al., 2015). This tool works especially well when there are multiple people involved who need clarity on important topics due either cultural differences present among team members or assumed knowledge gaps each individual may have surrounding particular issues being discussed which needs further clarification beyond simple verbal expression alone.

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In conclusion, there are several tools available today which allow businesses to better manage their communication flow amongst its personnel including active listening techniques along with feedback loops implemented through managerial direction as well as role playing scenarios designed specifically aimed towards refining how certain topics should be delivered based off collective understanding achieved through practice sessions held prior to official messaging itself being communicated amongst various audiences affected by manager’s decisions made concerning these matters respectively .

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