Posted: March 10th, 2023

What problems do we encounter if we say that something is pious because God loves it?

One of the problems we encounter when using the statement “something is pious because God loves it” is that it can lead to a form of moral relativism. This occurs because we are assuming that whatever God loves must be right and true, while anything He does not love must be wrong or false. This implies that His opinion is the only one that matters, which ignores the fact that opinions on what is right or wrong can vary greatly depending on culture, religion, and personal beliefs (Oakes 2013). In this way, it gives an air of exclusivity to morality as well as potentially creating an environment where people feel judged for their beliefs.

What problems do we encounter if we say that something is pious because God loves it?

Additionally ,when we say something is pious because God loves it we are essentially placing our faith in a higher power outside ourselves .This means taking away from any autonomy or responsibility individual may have such making choices based own judgement rather than relying external source determine appropriateness ones actions . By doing so could limit capabilities personal growth since humans need experience consequences their decisions order fully understand implications same & make adjustments accordingly (Metzger 2008).

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Finally another issue with stating something as being pious purely due its connection divine will That many times things declared blessed religious texts do not always correspond current societal norms example biblical injunctions favor male dominance female subjugation probably not seen favorable today whereas certain aspects Islam viewed negatively due increased awareness global interdependence  (Bergman 2017) Thus showing how difficult interpret ancient sacred writings context modern world without running risk offending others.

In conclusion ,weve seen through present analysis why asserting something as being good simply virtue Gods approval poses several risks including leading moral relativism disempowerment individuals tying spiritual authority over daily life similarly attempting interpret ancient texts within contemporary framework often leads misunderstanding alienating members society Refrences : Bergman M.,2017 -Islam Divinely Ordained Gender Equality? British Journal Of Middle Eastern Studies 44(3):389-403 Metzger D.,2008 – Growing Your Faith Through Decision Making Abingdon Press Nashville Oakes K.,2013 – Moral Relativism And Objectivist Views Ethical Theory Practice 16:29-42

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