Posted: February 13th, 2023

What is each piece of writing you’ve examined arguing for or recommending?

The three pieces of writing that were examined are:
1. “The Pros and Cons of Smartphones in Schools” by Bess Ruff,
2. “Should Teachers Allow Cell Phones in the Classroom?” by Elle Smith, and
3. “Integrating Mobile Technology into the Classroom” by Joe Dombrowski.

Each piece is arguing for or recommending a different approach to integrating mobile technology (such as smartphones) into classrooms.

What is each piece of writing you’ve examined arguing for or recommending?

In Bess Ruff’s article, she argues that there are both pros and cons to incorporating smartphones into educational settings. On one hand, smartphones can be used to access useful educational apps, increase engagement with students who may not pay attention in traditional classroom settings, and make it easier for teachers to communicate with their students outside of class. On the other hand, she warns against allowing unrestricted use of phones in classes due to potential distractions (texting friends or playing games during class), cyberbullying among students through phone messaging apps, or even cheating on tests using online resources. Ultimately her recommendation is that careful thought must be given when considering how to introduce these devices into a school setting—taking both advantages and disadvantages into account—and implementing strict guidelines if they are allowed at all.

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Elle Smith’s article takes a different perspective than Ruff’s; instead of simply looking at pros and cons Smith focuses on ways that teachers can effectively incorporate cell phones while mitigating potential issues like distraction or cheating. Her argument is mainly based around increasing student engagement through interactive activities such as having them take pictures or videos related to course material; making use of collaborative tools available on modern phones; leveraging technologies such as QR codes for tasks like taking quizzes; and implementing policies about appropriate device usage in order keep everyone focused on academic work rather than getting off-task activities done during class time. Smith recommends allowing teacher discretion when necessary so that educators can adjust their strategies according to the needs of particular classes or individual students’ learning styles; this will help ensure maximum effectiveness from any smartphone integration efforts undertaken by schools.

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Finally Joe Dombrowski’s article takes yet another angle on mobile technology utilization within education environments: introducing steps schools should take before attempting any sort of integration project involving digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. His main argument revolves around building an effective infrastructure which includes hardware components (devices themselves along with proper network connections) but also training programs for both educators as well as support personnel who manage technical aspects like device maintenance/repair or even security measures meant to protect users from malicious software threats lurking online nowadays—all accompanied by clear policies outlining acceptable usage protocols amongst those using digital devices provided by the school district itself (both faculty members supervising student activities as well as those actually utilizing said equipment). In conclusion he suggests conducting trial runs first which involve testing out proposed scenarios with actual equipment used in real-world conditions prior committing resources towards larger scale implementation projects across entire districts

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