Posted: February 13th, 2023

What is ABO & Rh typing?

ABO and Rh typing are two separate tests which are used to identify an individual’s blood type. ABO stands for the ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘O’ antigens found on red blood cells (RBCs). The Rh factor is named after the Rhesus monkey, in which it was first discovered. It is also known as the D antigen due to its designation as RhD positive or negative depending on whether that particular antigen is present.

The ABO test identifies antigens on the surface of a person’s red blood cells; specifically “A” and “B” glycoproteins as well as another called “H” antigen which can exist without either of these two molecules .When antibodies from one person’s serum come into contact with his or her own RBCs, they will create clumping (or agglutination) if certain antigens are present. If no agglutination occurs, then those specific antigens are absent in that sample and a different result is obtained when testing other samples with different combinations of antigens. This indicates a person’s ABO type: A, B, AB or O based on what alleles he/she has inherited from each parent.

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What is ABO & Rh typing?

In contrast, the Rh typing test determines whether an individual carries a specific protein known as the D antigen on their red blood cells .This protein may be inherited from one parent or both parents since it follows a dominant/recessive pattern like many other genetic traits .An individual who does not have this D antigen is considered to be Rh-negative while someone who does possess it would be referred to as being Rh-positive .If someone has received both copies of this gene from their parents then they would likely show up in lab reports indicating a dual phenotype such as “CDe/cdE”.

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In conclusion, ABO &Rh typing are important tests used in medical laboratories around the world to determine an individual’s blood type quickly and accurately. This information can help healthcare professionals make informed decisions about compatibility between donors and recipients during transfusions ,as well as provide valuable insights into familial relationships between individuals through DNA matching techniques..

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