Posted: March 6th, 2023

What has changed in your life that will now allow you to be successful? Describe how the circumstances have changed that will allow you to perform successfully.

The past few years have been a time of profound change for me. It is only recently that I have realized the impact these changes have had on my life, and particularly how they will now allow me to be successful.

My academic performance is one area where a significant shift has occurred. As someone who was previously unmotivated in school, I now find myself immersed in the learning process. This transformation can be attributed to two key factors: increased self-confidence and improved study strategies (Gardner & Davis, 2013). My relationship with my peers has also changed; whereas before I felt disconnected and alone, I now feel confident forming strong relationships with those around me which allows me to access resources like mentorship and collaboration that are vital for success (Kaufman et al., 2018).

Another major factor in my circumstances changing for the better is having access to reliable technology. Technology provides a valuable platform for research projects, connecting with mentors, networking opportunities and more (McDermott et al., 2016). Not only does this make it much easier to stay organized and focused on my studies but it also gives me access to information that may not otherwise be available. Additionally, technology has enabled new opportunities such as taking online classes or signing up for events held remotely—opportunities which were not possible prior to the pandemic and ones which significantly expand my ability to engage meaningfully in areas of interest (Hattar et al., 2020).

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What has changed in your life that will now allow you to be successful? Describe how the circumstances have changed that will allow you to perform successfully.

On top of these tangible improvements related to academics there are more subtle forms of growth at play too—namely an increase in perseverance as well as mental fortitude which are both essential qualities needed if one is going succeed at something meaningful (White & Johnson-Laird 2019). Going through difficult times makes you tougher mentally; these experiences arm you with knowledge about yourself so when you’re challenged by something similar again you know how best handle it instead of getting overwhelmed or frustrated like before. Similarly, having conquered several obstacles in the past increases your determination because each time you get back up even after failing means that ultimately reaching your goals becomes all the more likely given enough effort expended over time (Brener & Neville 2015).

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To summarize: In recent years there have been several important changes in my life including increased self-confidence; improved study strategies; newfound resilience coupled with enhanced mental fortitude; reliable technology providing greater accessibility; an increase in forming deeper relationships with peers among others—allowing me greater opportunity perform successfully than ever before..

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