Posted: February 13th, 2023

What are your first impressions of Odysseus as a hero?

My first impressions of Odysseus as a hero are overwhelmingly positive. To me, he embodies the archetypal Greek hero – brave, cunning and loyal. He is clever enough to outwit enemies in battle and on his journey home from Troy. His courage is evident in numerous situations where he boldly declares himself and stands firm against any opposition or threat of danger. At the same time, he displays loyalty to his family, crewmates and homeland by risking everything for their protection and survival.

What are your first impressions of Odysseus as a hero?

On top of all that, Odysseus has an impressive level of resilience which allows him to endure incredible hardships on his odyssey back home to Ithaca. He faces multiple obstacles such as the wrath of Poseidon, dangerous adversaries like the Cyclops Polyphemus, vicious whirlpools known as Charybdis and Scylla plus many more monsters along the way without ever giving up hope or succumbing to despair despite being away from family for years on end. This consistency in character makes him stand out amongst other heroes who may give up when faced with tough challenges yet this not true with Odysseus since he never gives up no matter how hard it gets at times during his epic voyage home.

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These qualities combined make up why I consider Odysseus an admirable heroic figure worthy of admiration throughout literature even today thousands of years later after The Odyssey was written by Homer. Nevertheless one thing sticks out to me above all else: his morality; despite being desperate circumstances at some points during his journey (such as wanting revenge on those who have wronged him) he always chooses a morally sound decision rather than selfishly take what’s not rightfully owned by him due to honouring the gods’ law which shows respect for higher powers that be amongst humans making him truly deserving for recognition as a hero in my opinion!

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