Posted: March 10th, 2023

What are the ways in which Zip can apply strategic piggybacking

Strategic piggybacking is a marketing strategy that involves leveraging the popularity or resources of another, usually more established business in order to reach a wider audience and create brand recognition (Gibbs, 2019). Zip is an online payment provider that allows users to securely pay for goods and services. As such, Zip can benefit greatly from utilizing strategic piggybacking in order to expand its customer base and build up its reputation as a reliable source for transactions.

One way that Zip can apply strategic piggybacking is by targeting companies with existing customer bases. By partnering with businesses who have already established loyal customers, Zip would be able to leverage their clientele’s trust in the company and introduce them to the benefits of using their services (Wilson, 2018). For example, if Zip were to partner with an ecommerce store such as Amazon or eBay, they could offer special promotions on items purchased through their platform when paid with zip. This would not only increase sales for both partners but also allow Zip to gain access to new customers who may become frequent users of their service over time.

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Another way that Zip could employ strategic piggybacking is through co-branding partnerships. By forming relationships with well-known brands like Visa or MasterCard, for example, it could benefit from being associated with these widely recognizable names (Hansson & Sellers 2017). This type of cooperation also gives consumers more confidence when making purchases since they are familiar with the other party involved and feel secure knowing they are working within a trusted network. Furthermore, this type of relationship often results in increased exposure since both entities will be promoting each other’s products or services across multiple channels including advertising campaigns or social media platforms (Chrzanowski et al., 2020).

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What are the ways in which Zip can apply strategic piggybacking

Additionally, one final way that zip can use strategic piggybacking would be through collaborations with influencers or celebrities who have large followings on social media networks like Instagram or YouTube (Graber & Hiller 2020). By teaming up with individuals whose audiences trust them implicitly, it would give credibility to the company while simultaneously driving sales due to the influencer’s ability persuade people into buying certain products or services based on their recommendation alone. In addition to these promotional posts displayed by influencers endorsing zip payments specifically; those who do business regularly might even consider offering discounts exclusively available via zips payments which adds further incentive for potential customers looking for value deals during checkout!

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In conclusion; strategical piggy backing offers many advantages when used correctly by companies wishing capitalize on existing relationships between two parties – allowing them take advantage of built up consumer trust without having invest heavily into creating own brand recognition ahead time! With just few simple steps; zips can utilize various methods such collaborative promotions co-brandings; influencer endorsements etc increase visibility – ultimately leading better sales!

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