Posted: March 6th, 2023

What are the three greatest advantages of what Fredrickson calls “positivity resources” in relation to implementing the logical and creative problem-solving

Fredrickson’s broaden-and-build model of positive emotion suggests that the experience of positive emotions such as joy, interest, contentment and love contributes to human flourishing and long-term success (Fredrickson, 2001). Fredrickson proposes that by increasing one’s positivity resources, a person can not only feel better overall but also become better equipped to effectively engage in both logical and creative problem solving. According to this model, there are three distinct advantages of engaging with “positivity resources” when implementing the broadened-and build model for problem solving: improved resourcefulness stress resilience , and enhanced creativity.

The first advantage is increased resourcefulness. Positive emotions act like mental energy reserves that enable a person to more effectively cope with the demands placed on them during problem solving activities (Fox & Stawicki Woodruff 2021). When we experience positive emotions such as joy or hope it helps us persevere in difficult tasks despite any obstacles we may face. As Fredrickson put it “positive emotion has been found to free up cognitive capacity that then can be used constructively to solve problems” (2001). This means having access to our own internal positivity resources provides us with an extra source of strength which can empower us during times where we may otherwise struggle mentally or emotionally due to external stressors.

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What are the three greatest advantages of what Fredrickson calls “positivity resources” in relation to implementing the logical and creative problem-solving

The second advantage is greater stress resilience. Stressful events or challenging tasks tend take their toll on our emotional well being if they persist over time (Fox & Stawicki Woodruff 2021). However research suggests that when individuals have access to a larger reserve of positive emotions from within themselves they are able create psychological distance between themselves and whatever source of distress they might be facing (Uchino et al., 2009). This means individuals who possess an abundance of positivity resources do not become as overwhelmed by stressful situations since their internal resources provide them with a buffer between themselves and external stressors.

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Finally, developing these positivity resources also leads towards enhanced creativity in terms of problem solving abilities. Studies suggest that experiencing feelings such as joy allow people approach things from different perspectives compared those who don’t have access to these same emotional states(Isen 2002). It stands reason then that individuals possessing greater amounts of positive emotion would be able think more creatively about solutions for any given problem since their emotional states allows them access new ways looking at existing information . This essentially gives people who practice cultivating their positivity resources an edge in terms becoming successful problem solvers since having greater levels likely allow them come up solutions faster than others using traditional methods alone .

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In conclusion Fredrick’s broaden-and-build Positive Emotion Model clearly identifies benefits associated with cultivating one’s own personal “positivty resouces.” Engaging with these Positivity Resources equips individuals a number helpful tools including increased mental resilence , greater ability resist outside sources strees , plus enhanced creative powers which all work together help promote long term success through effective implementation logical and creative problem solving techniques .

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