Posted: February 13th, 2023

Volume 1” 

In one of the single-panel drawings from “A Girl Called Echo: Volume 1”, the author, Katherena Vermette, tells the story of a young Métis girl named Echo who is trying to find her place in an Indigenous community. The image takes up a full page and shows Echo standing outside with her arms crossed against a bright yellow sky. Behind her are two large buildings with smoke billowing out from them. The scene is set in an urban environment but there is no indication of what city this might be or if it has any particular significance.

“A Girl Called Echo: Volume 1”

The panel conveys multiple layers and interpretations about Echo’s identity and life journey. On one level, it could represent a physical space that she is occupying – perhaps even a symbol for a spiritual or emotional place that she has yet to fully explore or understand. It could also be seen as representing the tension between ancestral traditions – embodied by the tall buildings rising up into the sky – and modernity which can often bring change too quickly for some people to adapt to.

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On another level, the panel appears to show that despite all of these challenges, Echo still holds onto hope – indicated by her stance (arms crossed) and determined expression on her face. Her head is held high despite being surrounded by darkness/smoke which serves as both reminders of where she came from and potential obstacles that await ahead along way .

Ultimately then : this single panel drawing effectively captures complexity themes raised throughout \”A Girl Called Echo\” series : namely struggle young Métis woman discovering true identity midst traditional ancestral values & progressive attitudes – something which made easier course society changing around same time too . Through juxtaposition scenes featuring yellow sky against grey brickwork plus presence character herself , viewers presented opportunity explore further into protagonist\\\’s mindset find out more what makes unique individual here whether positive negative connotations associated same considerd . Hence we witness power visual storytelling sharing experiences stories not limited words alone , allowing authors express so much using just few brushstrokes / lines thus creating deep sense connection between readers material itself whose importance cannot underestimated here today either

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