Posted: February 13th, 2023

View videos that depict different interviewing techniques. You will then analyze and evaluate the techniques used, and discuss how you will utilize best practices when you conduct your own interviews.

Interviews are a critical part of the hiring process, and having an effective interviewing technique is essential to ensure that you get just the right person for the job. After watching videos demonstrating different interviewing techniques, it was easy to see how each technique has its own strengths and weaknesses. The most important thing I learned after viewing these videos is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to conducting interviews. Each situation should be evaluated on its own merits in order to determine what type of technique will be most appropriate.

View videos that depict different interviewing techniques. You will then analyze and evaluate the techniques used, and discuss how you will utilize best practices when you conduct your own interviews.

The traditional interview style depicted in some of the videos involves having a single interviewer asking questions and evaluating answers given by the candidate. This method works best when you are looking for candidates with a certain set of skills or qualities and need to assess them quickly through their responses. However, this method does not allow for much back-and-forth exchanges between interviewer and candidate, so it can sometimes fail to give an accurate representation of what they are like as a whole person.

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The behavioral based interviewing approach shown in other videos highlights another way of conducting interviews which relies more heavily on situational questions than factual ones. This method focuses more on understanding how potential hires have responded in past experiences similar to those that may occur on the job rather than assessing their knowledge directly related to the role they’re applying for. It can be especially useful if you’re looking for people who possess particular traits such as resilience or problem solving skills but do not necessarily require experience specific knowledge about your industry or company culture .

Finally, panel interviews provide a unique opportunity for multiple members from different departments within an organization come together during interview sessions, allowing each individual involved in hiring decisions insight into how a prospective hire would potentially contribute across various fields within their team or departmental structure . While this style can take longer overall due to having multiple sets of eyes giving input ,it could also prove beneficial in cases where consensus among decision makers needs to be achieved before moving forward with any hiring decisions .

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As someone who will soon start conducting my own interviews ,I plan on drawing upon all three approaches described above while keeping my focus primarily centered around behavioral based questionnaires as I believe they offer me greater insight into how potential candidates think beyond simply checking off boxes with knowledge based conversations topics . Additionally , I plan incorporating elements from both panel interviews as well as traditional one -on -one formats depending on whether time constraints dictate one over the other and also depending upon roles that require collective team decision making instead of individual opinions when deciding upon new hires .

Overall ,viewing these videos taught me great deal about different styles used by recruiters today which gave me further context needed when constructing my future plans regarding interviewing methods best suited towards helping reach better outcomes from recruitment processes going forward .

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