Posted: March 12th, 2023

Using the forecast for the New England Patriots, analyze the cases where (a) dressed jerseys are used for the star players and blank jerseys for the other players and (b) blank jerseys are used for all players.

The New England Patriots is a professional American Football team based in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Over the years, the Patriots have become one of the most successful teams in the National Football League (NFL), winning six Super Bowls and appearing in three other championship games. As with all NFL teams, how well their season goes depends heavily on their ability to accurately forecast their upcoming performance. Here, we will examine how two different jersey strategies – dressing jerseys for star players and blank jerseys for other players; and using blank jerseys for all players – could affect the Patriots’ fortunes this year.

When it comes to dressing certain player’s jerseys, many teams like to focus on their star athletes as they are often seen as symbols of success or potential success that can be used by fans to help them identify who they should cheer for during games (Kotler & Keller, 2012). By focusing on providing dressed jerseys only to certain star players – such quarterbacks Tom Brady or wide receivers Julian Edelman and Phillip Dorsett III – the team could potentially draw more fans out to watch games where these stars are playing which might lead to increased revenue due higher attendance numbers at those events. Additionally, if opposing teams pay extra attention to these key players when playing against them then this may create additional opportunities for less heralded members of the team whom otherwise would not receive as much attention leading potentially improved play overall from both sides (Thompson et al., 2014).

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Using the forecast for the New England Patriots, analyze the cases where (a) dressed jerseys are used for the star players and blank jerseys for the other players and (b) blank jerseys are used for all players.

On the other hand, choosing not to dress any player’s jersey regardless of skill level could also offer some benefits though likely fewer than those mentioned above. This strategy might be seen as a way to promote equality among teammates without raising any suspicions about favoritism because everyone is presented identically (Barney & Hesterly 2018). Additionally, unadorned uniforms may signify a sense of humility within a team making it easier form new players joining existing rosters feel welcomed because there would be no outward indications that suggest one player is better than another based solely off what they wear into battle each weekend (Smith et al., 2016). Finally depriving certain individuals from receiving recognition through being given special treatment allows more room within fan conversations discussing individual accomplishments rather than having debates over why one person was given preferential treatment over others simply because he was perceived as “better” since his uniform was seemingly superior compared others around him (Duffy et al., 2015).

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Overall either strategy chosen by The New England Patriots has its advantages and disadvantages depending on what outcomes are desired by ownership or management personnel within the organization. Ultimately however success still relies upon talented athletes performing well together within an organized structure that understands its strengths and weaknesses going into each game while also limiting distractions caused by external forces such as illogical decisions made concerning wardrobe choices (Rothaermel 2019) .

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