Posted: February 15th, 2023

The use of irony and parody in “The Spectre Bridegroom” by Irving and “The Snowstorm” by Pushkin as compared to Burger’s “Lenore.”

The use of irony and parody in “The Spectre Bridegroom” by Washington Irving and “The Snowstorm” by Alexander Pushkin, can be compared to Burger’s gothic ballad “Lenore.” All three works rely on these techniques to convey the horror, dread and suspense that has become a staple of the gothic genre. The authors achieve this through the clever manipulation of their characters and plot while maintaining an ironic tone throughout.

The use of irony and parody in “The Spectre Bridegroom” by Irving and “The Snowstorm” by Pushkin as compared to Burger’s “Lenore.”

In “The Spectre Bridegroom,” Irving creates tension between his title character-a ghostly bridegroom-and his heroine Margaret who has been promised to him in marriage against her will. This story is full of irony as Margaret is presented with what appears to be a romantic offer-which she quickly realizes is anything but when it comes time for them to leave for their honeymoon! In contrast, Pushkin’s “Snowstorm” employs more subtle irony as he outlines the tragic circumstances that lead up to a young girl’s death from exposure during a snowstorm. Here we see how human folly often leads us down dark paths from which there is seemingly no escape.

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Finally, Burger’s poem “Lenore” underscores allusions between life and death through its ballad form which emphasizes strong imagery about love lost after an untimely demise via suicide or some other horrible fate beyond our control. This poem conveys a sense of hopelessness tinged with humor – Lenore could never have imagined such an end when her lover declared his everlasting love! As we travel with our protagonists along each journey towards certain doom, we’re reminded that fear itself can sometimes act as both shield and seatbelt at once; allowing us take risks yet still protect ourselves in uncertain times ahead make most informed decisions possible course action taken further accordingly order reach desired outcome achievable herein discussed now under consideration above mentioned detail told taken account judgement rendered thereto respective parties involved related topics interest subject concerned whole throughout entirety thusly given .

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