Posted: February 12th, 2023

The trends and prevalence of disability categories being served in your state and describe them to the class.

People with disabilities are an integral part of every state’s population. The percentage of people with disabilities living in each state can vary greatly, as can the types and severity of those disabilities. It is important to understand these trends and prevalence rates in order to be better informed about the specific needs of those living within any given state. This paper will explore the current trends and prevalence rates for disability categories served in the state of Texas.

The most recent data from the U.S Census Bureau (2018) indicates that 12% of Texans have some form of disability, with 8% having a severe disability or limitation. Of individuals with a disability, 57% report difficulty going outside their homes while 28% experience difficulty performing activities within their home due to a medical condition or impairment (U.S Census Bureau).

In terms of age distribution among those with a disability, approximately 32% are under 18 years old, 56% between 18-64 years old and 13% over 65 years old (U.S Census Bureau). These figures indicate that Texas has a large portion (nearly 40%)of its population who fall into one or more category(ies) associated with some form of physical or mental health disorder or impairment which can significantly interfere with basic functioning such as mobility or communication skills acquisition and requires special services or accommodations both at home and in public settings.

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The trends and prevalence of disability categories being served in your state and describe them to the class.

There are several major categories commonly identified when discussing disabilities including physical disabilities, developmental/intellectual disabilities, sensory impairments (including vision/hearing), autism spectrum disorder, traumatic brain injury and multiple impairments including combinations thereof; however it should also be noted that many people may not “fit” into any single category but instead require services across multiple categories which may be difficult to obtain through traditional service delivery systems due to limited funding resources available at both local/state levels..The Centers for Disease Control reported in 2017 that Autism Spectrum Disorder was among the top 3 reported developmental conditions among children aged 3-17 so it is likely that this trend is increasing nationwide.. Additionally there has been an increase in traumatic brain injuries attributed to military service suggesting this number may continue climbing though further research would need to be conducted before conclusions could definitively made on these numbers..

Overall it appears that most states have seen an increase in various types of disabling conditions across all age groups ranging from physical limitations to intellectual challenges although exact numbers for individual states are not available yet as much more research needs to be conducted before accurate estimates can be made.. As previously mentioned Texas specifically has experienced considerable growth especially regarding individuals experiencing sensory impairments such as hearing loss/deafness , blindness/low vision ,and other forms related difficulties which affect mobility functions.. With continued advances in technology along advancements being made on behalf medical sciences we expect both diagnosis rate quality care provided will continue improve drastically making life easier individuals living throughout United States and specifically here State Texas .

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