Posted: February 13th, 2023

The possible effects of poverty on young children’s language and literacy development.

Scenario 1: Your friend is a daycare teacher who works with children ages four and five. She has seen some of her students struggle to keep up with their peers in academic areas, such as language and literacy development.

The effects of poverty on young children’s language and literacy development are a major source of concern for educators today. The Roseberry-McKibbin (2012) article makes it clear that the experience of poverty can have far-reaching implications for the development of early language experiences which can, in turn, influence how well students perform in school – especially when it comes to areas such as reading and writing.

For instance, according to Roseberry-McKibbin (2012), “children living in low-income households are less likely than their more affluent peers to enter kindergarten already knowing basic vocabulary or ready-to-read skills” due to having fewer resources available at home – including books or toys that require reading comprehension – as well as lacking access to quality early childhood education programs. Furthermore, the authors point out that these children may be more likely than their more affluent peers “to experience delays in speech sound production” due to reduced exposure to verbal interaction within the home environment. This can further impede their ability to acquire language skills during critical periods of child development when they would normally learn new words quickly and easily.

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The possible effects of poverty on young children’s language and literacy development.

These findings suggest that teachers need to be aware of this potential gap between socioeconomically advantaged and disadvantaged students so they can provide additional support for those most at risk. For example, my friend who is a daycare teacher working with 4–5 year old’s could offer extended opportunities for oral activities such as storytelling or providing extra assistance during phonics lessons by having students read aloud individually or taking advantage of digital media programs designed specifically for learning letters sounds through music or games – just two examples from an array teaching strategies tailored towards addressing this issue . Additionally she should try her best ensure equitable access all classroom materials and activities by differentiating instruction when possible so every student feels included regardless socioeconomic backgrounds like creating small groups based on skill levels instead assigning tasks based solely on age or grade level expectations alone . By doing so , she will not only bridge any gaps between her students but also help set them up success no matter where come from outside school walls.

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In conclusion, while poverty certainly presents unique challenges young children’s language and literacy development , educators play an essential role helping them overcome these obstacles by providing accessible educational experiences inside classroom setting. That being said , implementing proactive approaches both inside out school setting go long way making sure all kids get chance reach full potential despite any financial limitations might face.

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