Posted: February 13th, 2023

The Great Gatsby What is the excerpt’s main concern? How does this thematic context fit into the “Modernist” literary style? 

The Great Gatsby is a widely acclaimed novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and published in 1925. The novel explores themes of love, wealth, idealism, and betrayal set within the backdrop of 1920s Jazz Age America. The excerpt from the novel mainly focuses on Jay Gatsby’s longing for Daisy Buchanan and his pursuit of her affections despite their star-crossed situation. This theme of unfulfilled longing perfectly fits into the Modernist literary style as it highlights the alienation that many characters experience in this era.

Modernism was a literary movement defined by disillusionment with traditional values, which included faith in progress or society’s ability to change (Dictionary). The modernists believed that contemporary life was marked by capitalism driven greed and shallow materialistic values; something that is seen throughout the text. For example, Daisy marries Tom because he provides “the assurance of a certain[…]solidity” (Fitzgerald) rather than out of true love for him. In addition to this, when Daisy sets her sights on Gatsby again she tells him “you can’t repeat the past”, highlighting how people are confined by time’s inexorable march forward (Fitzgerald).

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The Great Gatsby What is the excerpt’s main concern? How does this thematic context fit into the “Modernist” literary style?

The main concern highlighted in this excerpt is one reflective of Modernist literature – namely romantic yearning amidst an uncaring world where societal rules dictate what one can or cannot do to achieve happiness without any regard for individuals’ desires. This idea is embodied through Jay Gatsby who tries desperately to win back Daisy even though he knows it will be impossible since she is already married. He also continues to throw lavish parties at his mansion every weekend hoping against hope that someday she will show up so they can rekindle their romance (Fitzgerald). This concept aligns well with modernist literature as it critiques conventions such as marriage based on social status rather than genuine affection and questions whether pursuing expensive possessions such as money or cars really make you happy instead of filling soul-deep voids left open due to powerlessness over our own fates – much like Gatsby’s fate with Daisy remains forever out reach no matter how hard he tries or how wealthy he becomes .

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In conclusion, The Great Gatsby conveys its core theme through an exploration into Jay Gatsbys’ restless search for something seemingly unattainable—true love—despite knowing all too well that there are external forces preventing him from achieving happiness no matter what means he chooses to employ.. This perfectly encapsulates Fitzgerald’s aim–to capture these feelings common among people living during this period–and cleverly takes advantage of modernist techniques in order portray sentiment shared amongst those alienated by society’s constrictive norms during Jazz Age America

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