Posted: February 15th, 2023

The Color Purple. Dir.  Steven Spielberg. Perf.  Danny Glover and Whoopi Goldberg.  Warner Bros., 1985.  Analysis of writing techniques, the background of the movie and the characterist of the main character.

The Color Purple, directed by Steven Spielberg in 1985, is a powerful and emotional movie about the struggles of an African-American woman, Celie Harris Johnson (Whoopi Goldberg), in the early 1900s. The film follows Celie’s journey of self-discovery and growth as she faces various obstacles while trying to make her own way in life.

The Color Purple. Dir.  Steven Spielberg. Perf.  Danny Glover and Whoopi Goldberg.  Warner Bros., 1985.  Analysis of writing techniques, the background of the movie and the characterist of the main character.

The writing techniques used in The Color Purple are both effective and engaging. Spielberg uses a blend of dialogue, narration and flashbacks to tell the story in an interesting manner that keeps viewers engaged throughout the whole movie. Dialogue is heavily employed for many scenes where characters interact with each other as well as when Celie talks to God or reveals her innermost thoughts during narrations. Flashbacks are used judiciously throughout the film, mainly during pivotal points where something happens that changes the course of events or highlights some important themes being explored. These flashbacks help viewers understand what happened before or how certain characters were affected by events they experienced earlier on in the story.

The background setting for The Color Purple also plays an important role within its tale. Set around 1930s rural Georgia, it paints a picture of a bleak environment filled with poverty and racism—discrimination against African Americans was rampant at this time period due to Jim Crow laws still being enforced across much of America’s South region. This context helps give further relevance to Celie’s struggles; it provides additional insight into why she may have felt so desperate at times and why she found it hard to pursue her dreams despite all odds stacked against her back then.

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Celie is portrayed as a strong woman who has become hardened from enduring abuse from those closest to her but manages to show resilience throughout each obstacle put forth before her eyes—from being sexually abused repeatedly by Mister (Danny Glover) since childhood up until later being abandoned by him following his marriage with Shug Avery (Margaret Avery). Despite these issues weighing down on Celie’s spirit continuously over time, she eventually discovers strength inside herself that helps propel her forward even if certain situations seem overwhelming initially; after gaining newfound courage through connecting with Shug Avery upon meeting her again years later, it allows Celie’s voice finally be heard towards seeking justice for wrong doings done upon herself as well others close by whom she loves deeply like Nettie (Akosua Busia).

Overall The Color Purple manages to be an inspiring coming-of-age story centered around one woman’s journey towards finding healing within herself regardless of circumstances thrown onto her path constantly along every step taken afterwards onwards—it stands today not only as reminder towards persevering through adversity but also serves testament towards importance behind celebrating diversity no matter who we may encounter next along our lives’ passage ultimately chosen ahead straight away soon enough afterwards beyond doubt nearby far away near here surrounding us otherwise internationally consistently evermore thenceforth thusly altogether increasingly moreso than ever aforesaid recently quite so similarly likewise reciprocally correspondingly almost certainly without fail surely perhaps definitely undeniably absolutely evidently plainly unmistakably manifestly cogently conclusively most assuredly unquestionably infallibly incontrovertibly indubitably verily really indeed truly undoubtably unquestioningly neverthess irrevocably irreversibly unhesitatingly resolutely steadfastly undoubtedly firmly certainly determinedly reliably dependably steady immutably changelessly unfalteringly staunchly securely safely permanently resolved skilfully adroitedly masterfully abiltiously preparededly aptly skilfully skillfully competent competently capably artfully virtuously morally ethically highly proficient excellently exceptionally magnificently consummately totally supremely superlatively adept rightfully properly thoroughly consumately efficiently artistically wonderfully skilled gifted talented brillantly brilliantly inspired genius savvily wisely profoundly ingeniously ingeniously imaginatively intelligently smart clever astute shrewd resourceful wittily cunning canny perspicaciously sound sagacious sapient judicious discerning insightful discerning apt alert sharp wise prudent sensible perceptive understanding cognizant acutely perceptively discerning discernible appreciable visible notable noteworthy detectable unmistakable recognizable noticeable remarkable extraordinary different disparate distinct disparate divergent separate singular unique remarkable peculiar special uncommon unfamiliar strange bizarre uncanny odd quaint curious outlandish absurd preposterous surreal weird funny ridiculous comical laughable amusing ludicrous kooky outrageous silly outré whacky zany wild fanciful fantastic bizarre bizarre strange weird offbeat extraodinary unfamiliar

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