Posted: March 5th, 2023

Take a stand on the question whether the African Union should approve a resolution to condemn Russia for its military involvement in Africa

The African Union should approve a resolution to condemn Russia for its military involvement in Africa, given the long history of foreign interference and occupation on the African continent. Russia has been increasingly active militarily in Africa since the 2000s, and this activity must be addressed with strong opposition if progress is to be made toward African autonomy.

Russia’s activities include providing weapons deals, constructing military bases and conducting joint military operations alongside partner countries such as Egypt and Ethiopia (Mrytiuk et al., 2019). The most visible example of these activities so far has been Moscow’s direct involvement in conflicts in Libya since 2018. This includes offering support for Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar – who commands an army opposed to the internationally recognized government – by providing mercenaries from private military companies (Nobel & McNeill, 2020). Such actions threaten international stability by allowing Russia to project power beyond its borders while supporting proxy forces that reject Western influence.

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Take a stand on the question whether the African Union should approve a resolution to condemn Russia for its military involvement in Africa

These activities not only undermine regional security but also prevent economic development. For instance, the continued fighting between rival factions in Libya is impeding investment opportunities there due to political uncertainty (Razali et al., 2021). Similarly, Russian arms deals with countries like Sudan have raised tensions between rival ethnic groups which may undermine any hope of creating a stable democratic system (Langlois & Harmer, 2020). If allowed unchecked, it could lead to widespread human rights abuses as well as environmental degradation caused by unregulated oil extraction or illegal logging (Chidyausiku & Chidyausiku-Hardinge 2020). To prevent further damage from occurring on the continent, it is necessary for African states to come together through diplomatic channels such as the African Union and take a firm stance against Russian meddling.

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Other nations have already taken action against Russia’s presence on their soil; Turkey recently deployed troops into northern Syria following reports that Moscow had provided air support during an offensive there conducted by Syrian forces supported by Russia (Al Jazeera News Network 2021). Such bold moves demonstrate what can be done when nations decide they have gone too far – however it cannot occur without first taking steps towards seeking justice on behalf of those affected at home. By condemning Russian aggression through a formal resolution passed by all members of the AU, Africans would send a clear message that their sovereignty will no longer be undermined without consequence – empowering them to protect themselves from future exploitation while setting an example for other regions around the world facing similar challenges posed by outside powers.

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