Posted: February 15th, 2023

Take a scene from Warm Bodies the novel, and a scene from the film, and analyze them in terms of their impact on the reader/viewer

The scene in question is the moment when R, a zombie, saves Julie from a group of aggressive zombies by murdering one of them. In both the novel and film versions of this story, this scene serves to emphasize R’s humanity and his capacity for emotion and compassion.

In the novel version of Warm Bodies written by Isaac Marion, R saves Julie from danger twice; once while she was trying to make it onto the airplane alone and then again when he stops her attackers with violence. The first time R saves her life he does so without hesitation or thought; it’s an instinctive action that demonstrates his innate desire to protect those weaker than him. Despite being a zombie, his actions show that he has retained some aspects of humanity— namely empathy for others and concern for their safety—that have gone dormant but are still present. It is through these actions that readers come to understand that there is more beneath R’s rotting exterior than meets the eye: deep down inside there exists a spark of life waiting to be rekindled.

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Take a scene from Warm Bodies the novel, and a scene from the film, and analyze them in terms of their impact on the reader/viewer

This same theme can be seen in the film adaptation as well; however director Jonathan Levine takes this concept one step further by emphasizing how far R will go to save Julie’s life. In contrast with Marion’s book, Levine shows us not only that R will risk his own safety but also demonstrate violence against another living creature if necessary; something which no other zombie has been seen doing throughout either version of the story. At first glance these actions may appear cold-hearted or even cruel but they ultimately serve as proof of R’s unique ability among zombies as well as how deeply he cares about Julie—a sentiment which helps viewers see past what would otherwise be an unremarkable act into something truly meaningful between two characters who had previously been at odds with each other due to their respective “conditions”.

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By analyzing both versions of this scene we can begin to understand how important character development is in creating effective stories regardless medium used (i.e., literature vs film). By showing us evidence rather than just telling us through narration or dialogue about a character’s innermost thoughts and feelings Marion and Levine help reinforce an emotional connection between audience members/readers alike which allows us appreciate deeper elements within each narrative such as themes on love conquering all obstacles regardless origin/conditioning–even death itself!

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