Posted: March 12th, 2023

Synthesize what you learned from being in charge of HR for a small business that you would like to try to implement at ABC.

As the new HR leader at ABC, I have synthesized many of the best practices that I learned while in charge of HR for a small business. One important lesson is to consistently enforce policies and procedures in order to maintain professionalism and equality within the workplace. Much like a small business, all employees should be aware of what is expected from them with regards to conduct and performance. This means having a clear set of written rules and regulations which are regularly communicated, enforced by management when needed, and amended as necessary due to changes in labor laws or industry trends (Hillstrom & Hillstrom,. 2019). As part of this effort, ABC should also create an effective system for tracking employee progress across all departments. This will help measure job performance more accurately and give managers better insights into how their teams are doing relative to expectations (Ballinger & Gueutal,. 2020).

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Synthesize what you learned from being in charge of HR for a small business that you would like to try to implement at ABC.

Another key lesson learned from my prior experience is that it’s important to establish positive relationships between employers and employees. This can be done through regular feedback sessions, appreciation recognition programs or team building activities such as group lunches (Chvotkin et al., 2018). Additionally, ensuring there is open communication among everyone in the organization—from senior leadership down—will foster trust between staff members so they feel more comfortable discussing issues or sharing ideas about how things can be improved (Bamfield & Hauerwas,. 2020). Finally, having an active role in promoting work life balance initiatives encourages workers to stay healthy both physically and mentally which can lead to higher productivity levels overall (Johnson et al., 2019).

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At ABC, these guidelines could be implemented starting by introducing each policy one-by-one over time rather than trying to implement them all at once. Furthermore, it’s essential that everyone involved understands why certain measures are being put into place so they buy into the process right away rather than feeling it’s just another burden placed on them (Virtanen et al., 2017). Overall taking these steps would help ensure fairness throughout the organization while still creating an atmosphere where people feel valued for their contributions; resulting in greater engagement among staff members who will ultimately produce better outcomes on behalf of ABC.

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