Posted: February 15th, 2023

Steps of Interpreting New Testament Letters

Interpreting New Testament letters is an important step in understanding the Bible and its teachings. Interpreting these letters requires careful consideration of both the historical context and the letter’s content. It also involves analysing key words, looking at how they were used by other authors in the same time period, and considering implications for contemporary readers. Here is a step-by-step guide to interpreting New Testament letters:

Steps of Interpreting New Testament Letters

1. Establish Historical Context: Before beginning your interpretation it is essential to understand what was going on during the time period in which the letter was written. This can include researching cultural norms, language usage, religious practices, political events etc. Understanding this context helps to make sense of why certain statements or ideas are included or excluded from a particular letter.

2. Identify Author: Try to identify who wrote each specific New Testament letter and their overall purpose for writing it? Was it meant as an encouragement? Perhaps a warning or rebuke? Knowing this helps give greater insight into what the author is trying to communicate with their words so that you can better interpret them when you read through later on.

3. Analyse Structure & Content: Break down each section of text into subsections if possible, looking for topics that are discussed more than once or recurring themes within different sections/subsections of text (i focus here). Make note of any rhetorical devices used by the author such as metaphors or allusions – these help us understand more deeply what they have written about since sometimes authors will use figurative language which often has deeper meaning behind it than just literal words alone could convey

4. Cross Reference with Other Texts: Once you’ve analysed structure & content then look at how this relates to other parts of scripture – do any passages shed light on what is being said here? Does another book in bible discuss similar themes or issues addressed within this one? Doing this helps bring out even greater clarity & understanding surrounding points made throughout any given passage(s) we’re looking at – especially if there’s something not entirely clear initially!

5 Interact with People Who Have Read It Before You: Discussing a specific New Testament Letter with someone who has already gone over it may be beneficial for further comprehension; hearing various perspectives can help broaden our own views too! Plus asking questions about anything unclear still might be answered easier from somebody else experienced enough who studied up close before us too – rather than having us try figure everything out only using our own interpretations first necessarily!.

6 Draw Practical Application from Your Interpretation: Finally don’t forget after gathering information relevant towards comprehending any given NT Letter always take time afterwards reflect upon practical applications that arise directly from our interpretation process itself! How does scripture apply now today practically speaking related towards life situations/circumstances we’re currently involved within right now? How should believers behave accordingly then compared against what’s already been established biblically previously at point too?! That’s something important never overlook either because God wants us learn & grow spiritually through His Word always above all else!.

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