Posted: February 12th, 2023

Select your article, read and annotate it. You should understand the author’s main points about the text. Provide an introduction, summary, and explanation of the work you chose from our text

To begin, I chose an article written by James Baldwin titled “Notes of a Native Son” which examines race relations in America during his lifetime throughout 1950s-1960s with frank honesty focusing primarily upon his own personal experiences combined with those of many others too (e.g., acquaintances/friends). Here Baldwin uses several literary devices such as metaphor & symbolism so readers can better appreciate how society had changed over time while also noting continual issues regarding racism still present at times even post-Civil Rights Movement era when much progress had been made compared to before yet disparities still remained unfortunately due to systemic power imbalances overall (i.e., white privilege). As far as historical significance goes it’s fair to say that major events occurring during Baldwin’s lifetime—namely world wars alongside civil rights movement—greatly impacted his thoughts/writings since they highlighted how certain individuals were treated differently than others regardless if intentions involved were good/bad respectively since bias was already present prior beforehand.

In order for me to gain further insights into my selected piece I looked up accompanying articles related it so that could compare & contrast them versus my own understanding gleaned from reading through original source material itself; specifically one written by literary critic Susan Sontag published within Partisan Review magazine* back 1964 titled “Nothing But The Facts: A Response To James Baldwin’s ‘Notes Of A Native Son’”. Throughout Sontag offers her takeway on various elements presented with Baldwin’s essay including style used whereby she notes admires him for employing techniques borrowed from journalism field instead adopting “the language of literature” per se thus allowing him deliver more honest account details involved without overly romanticizing them first either thereby making pieces more nuanced too (& relatable) among other things discussed.

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Select your article, read and annotate it. You should understand the author’s main points about the text. Provide an introduction, summary, and explanation of the work you chose from our text

I personally find Sontag’s analysis be quite accurate considering ways which she able interpret facts provided using her knowledge background plus personal opinions shared but doing so delicately manner while still providing valid critique too whenever appropriate like when discuses lack integration between narrative prose poetry sections existent within piece based solely stylistic tone difference noted although aesthetics sound pretty pleasing nonetheless! Also, thoughtfully touches upon how certain topics like religion factored into larger discussion involving politics contextually speaking both then current moment reflecting upon future generations come which shows just deep spiritual undertones factor into public discourse despite current divisive nature climate today.

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When all said done having read examined these two sources side-by-side enables readers gain greater appreciation nuances conversations surrounding race relations occurred America period along implications those same events have now shaped subsequent decades followed such divide continue exist albeit differing forms perhaps more subtle yet no less noteworthy terms effects experienced countless people around globe who suffer through similar struggles merely wanting basic rights afforded everyone else yet denied simply because their skin color different than someone else’s! By understanding works such as this one better can hope learn become better citizens ourselves stand up against oppression ever arises therefore creating type future where equity amongst members humanity endures forever!

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