Posted: February 15th, 2023

Select one author and their evaluation approach from the Evaluation Roots Tree (see Carden & Alkin, 2012)   What are the important elements of the approach?

The author I have selected is Jack L. Presbury and his evaluation approach is ‘Critical Inquiry’. Critical Inquiry, as defined by Presbury, seeks to examine phenomena from multiple perspectives in order to gain an understanding of the processes and outcomes associated with a particular program or initiative (Carden & Alkin, 2012). This approach views program evaluation as a process that involves both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, allowing for an analysis of different aspects of the program being examined. Additionally, it focuses on understanding the causes behind any observed outcomes rather than simply noting correlations between variables or providing statistical descriptions (Presbury, 1994).

Select one author and their evaluation approach from the Evaluation Roots Tree (see Carden & Alkin, 2012)   What are the important elements of the approach?

While Critical Inquiry does not rely exclusively on one type of research methodology such as surveys or interviews, these are two important elements in this approach. Survey research allows evaluators to collect quantitative data from participants which can then be used to measure a variety of concepts related to the evaluation including effectiveness and satisfaction levels (Presbury & Baker-Montgomery 2002). Interviews can also help provide deeper insights into participant experiences with a particular program (Presbury et al., 1985).

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In addition to survey and interview methods , other aspects included in the Critical Inquiry approach include: examining existing literature related to similar programs; conducting focus groups; using triangulation techniques in data collection; assessing formative versus summative evaluations; engaging stakeholders throughout the entire evaluation process; taking into account ethical considerations when designing studies; evaluating implementation fidelity over time; using mixed method designs when appropriate such as combining experimental design approaches with qualitative methods like narrative inquiry; leveraging technology for large-scale data collection efforts where applicable ; utilizing participatory action research techniques for community-based initiatives ; incorporating visual representation tools such as graphics/charts/maps during presentation phases ; analyzing results through systematic reviews or meta-analyses if possible . While not exhaustive , these examples illustrate some essential elements within Presburys’s critical inquiry framework .

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In conclusion , Jack L . Presburys’s critical inquiry approach offers evaluators an expansive array of tools for gaining better insight into their programs and initiatives . By relying on both qualitative and quantitative data collection strategies , this approach helps ensure that all relevant perspectives are taken into consideration before making decisions about the success or failure of any given endeavor . Furthermore , its use of various research methodologies provides additional evidence which can be utilized while drawing conclusions regarding targeted objectives . As such , it continues to be a popular choice among evaluators today who seek comprehensive understandings concerning their programs performance across multiple levels.

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