Posted: February 13th, 2023

Rhetorical choices we make.

My appearance and the way I choose to decorate my living space are both reflections of who I am as a person. My clothing choices are usually quite simple, consisting of jeans and a t-shirt or sweater with comfortable shoes. However, I like to accessorize these basics with jewelry or hats that match my style – often vintage pieces that reflect my appreciation for both old and new trends in fashion. My hairstyle is also an important part of my overall look; it’s medium length and normally simply styled with layers to give it texture.

Rhetorical choices we make.

When it comes to body art, while I don’t have any tattoos myself, I appreciate how people use them as a form of self-expression in ways that represent their unique sense of style. Makeup is something else that I enjoy experimenting with from time to time – allowing me to explore different looks as well as enhancing features on my face like eyebrows, eyelashes etc. In terms of accessories, hats tend be one favorite items since they can completely change up an otherwise dull outfit quickly & easily plus always make great conversation starters too !

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My living space is just as much an extension of myself too . Inside house you will find walls adorned various artworks , bookshelves filled interesting books magazines along other interesting objects collected over past few years whilst furniture almost exclusively used second hand items sourced either flea markets garage sales etc meaning there always plenty stories behind each piece every corner room – making home feel very personal indeed.< br >< br >Overall: By combining clothes/accessories/makeup/body art alongside carefully chosen décor & furniture , what ultimately created here personalized reflection individual tastes preferences which expresses true personality without having conform norms dictated by external pressures . Ultimately this arrangement works well me because not only does provide easy way express oneself but also offers comfort security (both mental physical ) when coming back after long day out even more so during current pandemic times when being stuck inside own four walls has become reality many us . Therefore all elements combined together contribute greatly creating pleasant environment conducive relaxation contemplation alike – something which cannot be underestimated especially challenging times such ours

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