Posted: February 13th, 2023

Research paper essay on conflict

Conflict is a part of life and it happens when two or more people fail to agree on an issue. People may have different goals, opinions, values, beliefs or needs that create tension. Conflict can happen in families, romantic relationships and other social groups, but it also occurs between countries where disagreements over trade regulations or territory may lead to serious hostilities. When managed correctly conflict can be a positive force for change as different perspectives are brought together and new solutions are found. Poorly managed conflicts however can escalate quickly leading to destructive behaviour such as physical violence or lasting psychological damage.

Research paper essay on conflict

Types of Conflict
There are four main types of conflict: intrapersonal (within oneself), interpersonal (between two individuals), organisational (in the workplace) and international (between nations). Intrapersonal conflict involves psychological warfare within oneself – making decisions that go against one’s own value system or facing inner fears – while interpersonal conflict is usually caused by misunderstandings between two people with opposing views which manifest themselves in arguments and disputes. Organisational conflicts often arise due to power struggles between departments, projects or tasks while international conflicts occur when there is disagreement over resources such as land borders or access to natural resources like water and oil. Conflicts may also refer to disputes among members of a family unit such as siblings fighting over attention from parents; this type of dispute would be considered an interpersonal conflict.

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Causes of Conflict
The causes of conflict will vary depending on the situation at hand but some common reasons include differences in opinion; miscommunication; lack of understanding about another person’s point-of-view; fear; stress; competing interests; egoism/selfishness; cultural expectations; scarcity/lack of resources; unresolved past issues/grudges held by either party involved etc.. Sometimes even perceived insults could be taken out-of-context by one party resulting in blaming the other for creating hostility where none was intended initially thus creating further tension in the situation unnecessarily. For example if Sue tells Bob about her plans for next weekend without consulting him first then this could easily come across as Sue not caring about how Bob feels because she didn’t ask his opinion beforehand – this is likely to cause resentment and feelings of being ignored which might eventually lead to an argument if left unresolved between them both until they come up with some kindof compromise acceptable enough for both parties involved so they can move forward positively together again without any hard feelings lingering afterwards!

Resolving Conflict
The most effective way to resolve a conflict is through negotiation – finding mutually beneficial ways forward that everyone agrees upon after dissecting the problem at hand objectively rather than emotionally engaging with each other during discussions which can cloud judgement leading towards unhelpful conclusions instead! This doesn’t mean emotions cannot play their role during negotiations but rather should instead serve as motivation behind why certain outcomes need striving towards e.g “I do understand your view on this subject however I feel very strongly about X aspect so I’m hoping we’ll find some way around resolving our differences”. It’s important all sides acknowledge & respect each others points before jumping into problem solving mode otherwise no real progress will be made meaning everyones time spent discussing things has been wasted! Negotiations should always end peacefully even if compromises have had make along the way so people leave feeling satisfied their voices were heard & respected throughout proceedings too!

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In conclusion, conflicts happen daily within society whether its individual based arguments happening between friends right through up until international wars waged amongst entire nations – The key difference separating those who successfully manage their disagreements whilst those unable deal effectively with potential problems presented them stems mostly down how well both parties communicate & collaborate together without resorting back into hostile dialogue! It takes patience plus skill deal tactfully mediating disagreements allowing everybody chance make their case felt calmly before ever reaching boiling point thus ensuring resolution reached really meets needs all taking part process fairly enough avoid leaving anyone feeling cheated out final outcome agreed upon at end day therefore win-win situation created beneficial everyone concerned equally importantly still preserving essential relationships formed long ago remain intact going forward hopefully preventing similar issues arising again anytime soon afterwards too!.

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