Posted: March 6th, 2023

Reflect on Colonialism and globalization systems that perpetuate gender-based violenceion Paper

Colonialism and subsequent globalization processes have had a profound impact on gender-based violence around the world. Colonial regimes, in particular, are responsible for introducing oppressive legal systems that continued to maintain control over colonial subjects even after independence (Yusuf, 2014). This has resulted in an environment where power relations become entrenched and inequality is propagated through institutions such as the state. As a result, patriarchal norms have been written into law and socialised through cultural practices resulting in women being denied their rights, subjected to physical abuse or exploitation by men with no repercussions from authorities. This ongoing cycle of gender-based oppression has been compounded by globalisation which has also enabled the transfer of rigid gender roles across different societies (Santhosh & Dutta, 2009).

The combination of colonialism and globalisation often provides justification for those perpetrating gender-based violence to claim traditional customs rather than blame structural inequality (Morris et al., 2016). For example, forced marriage is justified using traditional views while female genital mutilation is linked to religious laws rather than political subjugation. Furthermore, economic globalisation bolsters this narrative through its emphasis on neoliberal development strategies that favour male-dominated industries at the expense of female participation (Vasiljevi et al., 2019). Women’s opportunities are increasingly limited while they remain vulnerable to sexual harassment due to lack of protection from unequal labour laws. Their economic dependency also increases their likelihood of being victims of domestic abuse or intimate partner violence within households as well as communities (Joshi et al., 2017).

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Reflect on Colonialism and globalization systems that perpetuate gender-based violenceion Paper

In addition to these issues affecting women’s wellbeing directly, there are other indirect effects caused by changes associated with globalisation such as increased migration leading to higher levels of trafficking for sexual exploitation or increased alcohol consumption leading to greater rates of violence against women (Sarkar & Bajpai 2008; Liyabona Malinga 2018) . All these factors combined create an atmosphere where existing gender inequalities can be maintained and used by perpetrators who rely on these structures in order maintain power over others with impunity.

Though significant progress has been made in terms decriminalising certain forms gendered based violence such as marital rape however there remains much work needs done particularly regarding how it’s interpreted within non-western contexts. Research suggests that legal reform alone may not ultimately contribute towards changing attitudes due societal norms suggesting its necessary look beyond just formal criminal justice system address underlying pervasive culture supremacy found both local international level if any lasting change is achieved (Stephenson & Manzo 2020; Tham 2019; Battalagama et al 2013 ). Additionally more attention must given developing alternative models addressed informal justice addressing human rights violations without prejudicing public interest yet still meting out appropriate sanctions perpetrator ultimately tackling overall climate unequal power relations between genders rooted age old colonialism globalization systems created serve few perpetuate mass suffering many

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