Posted: February 17th, 2023

Red Jacket and Tecumseh in their respective speeches  make frequent reference to “brothers” and brotherhood. Why such emphasis, at that historical moment, upon fraternity and unity?

The emphasis placed on fraternity and unity by Red Jacket and Tecumseh in their respective speeches had a great deal of historical significance at the time. For both men, emphasizing brotherhood was a way to rally support for their cause of Native American rights against encroaching white settlers. During this time period, there were many different Native American nations facing persecution from Americans who wanted to take over Indian land. By stressing shared values among all Native Americans, Red Jacket and Tecumseh sought to bring these disparate groups together as one large powerful force that could stand up to the U.S. government and its policies.

Red Jacket and Tecumseh in their respective speeches  make frequent reference to “brothers” and brotherhood. Why such emphasis, at that historical moment, upon fraternity and unity?

The concept of brotherhood was also an effective rhetorical tool used by both leaders in order to gain sympathy from whites listening to their speeches; they argued that they were fighting for justice not just for themselves but also for their brothers—all other Native Americans. The two leaders painted a picture of native peoples as unified family members who were standing together against injustice, which made it difficult for listeners not to sympathize with the plight of the Native Americans. Further, emphasizing brotherhood served as a reminder that racial divides should not be drawn when dealing with human rights issues such as those faced by Natives during this era; rather, people should work towards broader unity across cultural divisions in order to create lasting solutions.

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In addition, Red Jacket and Tecumseh believed strongly in the importance of maintaining traditional customs within native communities despite increasing pressure from outside forces trying to erase them (such as Christianity). By stressing fraternal bonds between native tribes regardless of differences — whether related or unrelated —the two emphasized how important it was that tribes maintained ties even if they did not share common ancestry or language so that all could benefit from mutual support systems based on solidarity instead of individualism or competition among tribes: “We will form one body…we shall be all brethren” said Red Jacket. Through this emphasis on brotherhood then Tecumseh and Red Jacket were attempting foster closer ties among natives while simultaneously creating an atmosphere where oppressive governmental policies would have less leverage over Indians due too strong inter-native relations existing on tribal levels across North America at the time

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Finally, much like today’s social movements such as Black Lives Matter are doing today, presenting a compelling image united front is essential if any group is going be taken seriously when making demands upon governments or other institutional powers . In much same way Red Jackets’ call for unification “Let us unite” wasn’t simply about building stronger connections between different nations but also using this strength push back against racism oppression experienced through white settler colonialism . Thus thought calling attention shared aspirations amongst his audience -brothers- he ensured success his own fight well other similar ones being fought around him

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