Posted: March 6th, 2023

Recommend appropriate policy actions based on the evaluation.

The evaluation of policies is a critical part of the policy making process in any given organization, as it can help ensure that successful outcomes are achieved (Hill & Hupe 2009). The complexity of this task depends on the level and scope of the policy being evaluated. For example, an evaluation may just focus on whether or not a particular policy has been effective at achieving its intended goals, or if any changes to it should occur. Alternatively, an evaluator could look beyond effectiveness and consider how a policy might fit into larger organisational objectives such as efficiency or cost-effectiveness (Waldron et al., 2014). In either case, appropriate action following the evaluation is highly dependent upon both the depth and breadth of information gathered during it.

In order to recommend appropriate actions after conducting an evaluation, one must first analyse all data collected to determine what areas were met with success and where improvements need to be made. During this analysis phase, important questions should be asked about why certain aspects worked well while others did not—what elements contributed positively towards achieving desired results? Was there something missing from implementation which could have improved outcomes? Knowing these answers helps guide decision makers towards solutions that will help build upon successes while rectifying problem areas (Kuhlmann 2020).

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Once all relevant data has been carefully examined, suitable recommendations can then be made for enacting necessary changes in regards to current policies (Brenner et al., 2017). Depending on the nature of identified shortcomings and opportunities for improvement within existing policies; suggested actions may include amendments related to better defining terms used in documents or introducing new procedures into how they are implemented. Additionally, leaders should also consider if their organisation requires additional resources like staff training programs so that everyone is able to effectively execute their tasks in line with guidelines set forth by the organisation’s revised policies (Ladd & DiRamio 2019).

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Recommend appropriate policy actions based on the evaluation.

Finally when proposing potential solutions based off evaluations; managers must take account for any challenges that their ideas present before recommending them. Problems may arise from resistance from those who have become accustomed to operating within current parameters—this often happens when significant changes are proposed due to inconsistencies between old and new rules (Bandura 1982). It is therefore essential to provide sufficient motivation and support right away so stakeholders understand how proposed alterations would benefit them directly rather than act as hindrances towards achievement goals needed by organisations across society today(Hornberger 2015) .

To summarise; proper assessment plays a key role in forming sound decisions regarding applicable policies which apply across various organizational structures throughout society today. After evaluating available evidence surrounding a given issue; effective strategies can be crafted using data obtained through research techniques alongside discovering factors playing roles behind successes/failures relating directly back original goal statement associated with under review documentations(Giddens 2012). This knowledge helps guide decision makers toward creating tangible change agents resulting in positive outcomes moving forward(Schwarz 2011). Where possible; steps should also be taken beforehand identify potential issues preventing successful implementation otherwise effort put forth end up being wasted due lack unpreparedness presented personnel member tasked carrying out assigned duties required running everyday operations smoothly efficient manner free any foreseeable problems coming up down line resulting chaos affecting quality output delivered consumers looking services rendered respective enterprises time again time again(Greenhalgh & Wieringa 2018) .

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