Posted: February 16th, 2023

Reading the poem “The Creation” from Metamorphoses, what are some similarities you see here with other creation myths? How does this set up the issues to come in the rest of Ovid?

The poem “The Creation” from Metamorphoses by Ovid is a retelling of the creation myth. The poem begins with chaos, and how out of that chaos emerged the cosmos. This is consistent with many other creation myths which begin with an empty void or a state of unrest before something new appears. It also closely resembles the biblical version of creation in which God takes nothingness and creates form out of it. In “The Creation,” this act is carried out by Erebus and Night who symbolize darkness, death, and disorder in contrast to light, life, and order.

Another similarity between “The Creation” from Metamorphoses and other ancient creation stories is its focus on the ordering of the universe instead of its actual physical formation. Ovid does not detail how things come into being but rather focuses on their placement within the newly formed cosmos: for example, Earth resides at the center surrounded by air above it as well as water below it; day follows night; opposite forces such as day/night or heaven/earth are distinguished; all living creatures including humans inhabit one area while gods occupy another region up high in Olympus; etc. This kindling structure brings balance to what was once chaos, often seen in other mythological narratives such as Hesiod’s Theogony where order defeats disorder just like Eros overpowers Chaos here in Metamorphoses.

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Reading the poem “The Creation” from Metamorphoses, what are  some similarities you see here with other creation myths? How does this  set up the issues to come in the rest of Ovid?

Furthermore, Ovid suggests that man’s moral potential exists even prior to his physical existence when he states “God gave them (meaning men) will/to do right—and power to transgress.” Thus Ovid hints at how human choices play a role in shaping our future reality – something similarly found in other spiritual writings such as those found within Abrahamic traditions like Christianity, Judaism or Islam.. As we see throughout Metamorphoses our actions have consequences both good and bad – whether through divine intervention or otherwise – since we all possess both ability for evil (wrong-doing) alongside goodness (right-doing).

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Overall then “The Creation” from Metamorphoses has many similarities with other ancient stories about ordering out of chaos that can be observed throughout literature across multiple religious traditions. This particular episode sets up some key themes for later books within this epic collection including fate versus free will alongside notions regarding strength through adversity via characters constantly undergoing transformational changes due to their own decisions although sometimes solely due to external forces beyond their control too like those imposed upon them by gods or goddesses they must obey even if they do not want too!

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