Posted: February 15th, 2023

Provide a rationale for choosing category from the completed World View Chart.

The World View Chart is a useful tool for considering the various aspects of worldviews and their implications in our lives. After giving thorough consideration to the chart, I have chosen to focus on the category “Ethical/Moral Values” as it has relevance both on a personal level as well as within society. Ethical and moral values play an integral role in informing our decisions and behaviors; they serve as a guidepost for determining right from wrong. They are also often tied to religious beliefs which further shape how we perceive and interact with the world around us.

Provide a rationale for choosing category from the completed World View Chart.

When looking at ethical or moral values from a societal perspective, there are certain standards that must be met in order for people to co-exist peacefully with one another. For example, laws against murder or theft exist because these actions violate certain shared ethical codes that are deemed unacceptable by most cultures and societies. Ethical/moral values provide a framework for how individuals should treat each other, including respecting differences in opinion or culture, honoring diversity, exhibiting kindness towards others regardless of race or gender identity etc…

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At an individual level, ethics can inform how we view ourselves compared to others—beliefs about justice versus mercy may influence decisions such as whether someone receives punishment or leniency when facing legal consequences; views on karma could lead some people to believe they will eventually receive reward if they do good deeds throughout life while others might opt out of helping those less fortunate since they don’t believe any benefit will come back around later down the line either way so why bother? Furthermore having strong morals can help us make difficult choices between what is right versus wrong even when tempted otherwise whilst potentially saving us long term regretful situations whereby undesirable outcomes unfortunately perhaps regrettably been endured instead if no wise decisions had been made preemptively beforehand due aptly responsible action taken rightfully henceforth duly considered before making impulsive rashly reactive judgments thusly indeed!

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