Posted: February 13th, 2023

Presentation; Behavior management philosophy

a. Strategies to use with the whole class
Classroom rules and expectations are essential for establishing a clear routine and structure within our classroom setting. To ensure that all students have an understanding of these rules, I will be clearly articulating expectations and providing visual cues as necessary during instruction. Additionally, I will also provide my students with positive reinforcement when they exhibit desired behavior through verbal praise or rewards such as tangible items or privileges (e.g., extra recess time). When misbehavior occurs, I believe in enforcing logical consequences that are proportional to the offense while still being respectful towards the student’s needs and feelings. For example, if a student is disruptive during a lesson they may be asked to move their desk away from other students to complete their work alone or write a reflection on their poor choice of behavior.

Presentation; Behavior management philosophy

b. Strategies for dealing with individual student issues
When addressing individual student behavior issues it is important to first understand why this issue has occurred by looking at patterns throughout the day/week that may have led up to this moment; Is there something going on outside of school that is impacting this child’s ability focus? It is also important to recognize that everyone deals with stressors differently so what works for one person might not work for another.

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With this in mind, I believe in taking an approach that focuses on problem-solving rather than punishment; having conversations about what could have been done differently, or developing an individualized plan together that outlines specific goals for success moving forward In some cases where more personal counseling is needed outside sources can be brought in such as school counselors or psychologists. Ultimately working together collaboratively towards a common goal should always be top priority when addressing behavioral concerns; making sure each student feels heard and respected even if difficult conversations must occur.

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