Posted: March 13th, 2023

Note: watch this video to understand the culture of the moment (what is happening in Picasso’s country and the world): – Seasoned Author

The art of Pablo Picasso is one of the most recognizable and influential pieces to ever exist. His unique style, influence on modernism, and Catalan roots have made him a symbol of the avant-garde throughout history. In order to better understand Picasso’s work it is necessary to explore his culture at the time and how it has shaped his art.

Note: watch this video to understand the culture of the moment (what is happening in Picasso’s country and the world):

Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain in 1881 during a period known as “La Belle Époque” or “the beautiful era” (Gonzalez-Fernandez & Garrido-Pena 2017). During this time Spain experienced an economic boom, increased tourism, and technological advancements which led to a rapid growth in population (Vicens Vives 2006). This period also saw the birth of liberalism which sought to promote individual liberty from both state intervention and religious authority (Rouanet 2001). Although these changes had positive effects for some they were also associated with growing wealth disparities within Spanish society which would later lead to social unrest (Cervantes 2019).

In addition to political turmoil at home Picasso was living in an era marked by two world wars that caused massive destruction throughout Europe. These events had huge implications for artists like Picasso who were looking for ways to express their anger towards oppressive regimes while still finding comfort and solace through their work (Ruiz 2002). Consequently, he began experimenting with new styles such as cubism that allowed him to break away from traditional conventions while still conveying powerful messages about war and oppression.

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The rise of fascism during World War II further complicated matters for Picasso as he found himself conflicted between wanting freedom from oppressive governments but also wanting stability within Spain after years of civil strife. As a result he began using his work as an outlet for expressing his innermost thoughts about politics without putting himself or others at risk from authoritarian governments (Mendelsohn 2009). He famously said “Art is not meant to decorate apartments… Art is a weapon against the enemy” referring not only physical adversaries abroad but those closer than we may think such as our own government officials who can use their power oppress innocents citizens .

Furthermore , despite being lifelong anarchist critic capitalism even viewed works effortless way proving point beyond words allowing viewers interpret message however choose thus providing opportunity look past set rules governing nations engaging conversations topics normally considered taboo during particular historical moment yet simultaneously giving audience personal insight specific subject matter under microscope.

Despite all turmoil surrounding life during early 20th century world around him , artist proved capable carrying spirit joy laughter often featured various paintings sculptures created over course career defying notion chaos doom gloom times seeing beauty overlooked everyday existence bringing light darkness many lives impacted tragedies unfolding continent leading end horrors unleashed bloodiest conflicts planet earth ever seen eternally grateful monumental contribution cultural landscape thanks genius mind man now known simply name PABLO PICASSO !< br >References:< br >Cervantes F 2019 \\\”Spain History Facts Geography Bbc News \\\” Accessed May 26 2020 https://www bbc co uk / newsround /38857718 < br > Gonzalez – Fernandez MJ ; Garrido – Pena R 2017 \\\”A Symbolic Representation Of The Socio – Economic Changes In La Belle Époque : The Case Of Barcelona \\\\ ” Annals Historical Research XXIV no 1 pp 5 – 17 < br > Mendelsohn D 2009 \”Picasso’s Guernica : history meaning interpretation \” Accessed May 26 2020 http://www professorbernstein com/compsci‐labs/guernica html < br > Ruiz E 2002 \\\”Legacy Wars World Iii : Reflections On Violence And Human Suffering Through Picture \\\” Journal Humanistic Psychology 42 no 3 pp 268 – 280 < br >

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