Posted: February 16th, 2023

Next, assess your scores. What did you score well on? What did you score poorly on? Do you think your overall score accurately reflects your ability to succeed in this online course?

My overall score on the online course was a B+. I scored well on the tests, assignments, and participation in discussion boards. My scores were consistently high throughout this course which reflects my commitment to put in extra effort when necessary. On the other hand, I did not do as well with the essays and papers that were part of the coursework. I think that my lack of practice writing longer pieces affected my ability to express myself clearly in these assignments.

Next, assess your scores. What did you score well on? What did you score poorly on? Do you think your overall score accurately reflects your ability to succeed in this online course?

Overall, I think that my score accurately reflects how much effort and dedication I put into this online course. Although there were certain aspects of it which caused me difficulty due to lack of experience or practice, overall I was able to work hard enough to earn an above-average grade on most parts of the coursework. Taking this class has forced me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in ways that have helped me grow both academically and personally.

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I am proud of what I have achieved during this online course and believe that it has prepared me for future courses demanding similar levels of dedication and hard work from students as well as broadening my knowledge base when it comes to topics related to business management such as financial analysis or human resource management strategies etcetera – both which can prove highly beneficial investments down line whether they end up becoming job related opportunities career specific paths life taken none whatsoever due sheer volume information acquired through educational process itself .

For example former may lead entry level positions within corporate sector allowing individual gain better understanding inner workings organizations while latter could mean become own boss starting own venture should risk appetite sufficient undertake challenge associated owning running business its entirety (among many others options exist depending upon desires/goals aspirations any given person). All said done being able reflect back upon experiences garnered taking class like one mentioned above ensures maximum value derived every single minute spent completing tasks at hand ensuring best possible outcome earned no matter what further academic pursuits chosen pursue moving forward – thereby making sure time invested pays dividends long run be those immediate tangible kind shown school transcript directly correlated later professional achievements realized personal satisfaction obtained either way .

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