Posted: March 6th, 2023

Many Arab Americans believe that anti terrorism policies have made them a distinctive racial group, how is this shaping the Arab and Muslim identity in the United States?

The anti-terrorism policies implemented in the United States have had a profound impact on the identity of Arab and Muslim Americans. These policies, which include monitoring and surveillance as well as travel restrictions and profiling, have resulted in an overall sense of distrust between Arab and Muslim Americans and the government (Al-Mozaini & Haddad 2019). This has led to a feeling that they are being treated differently than other communities due to their religious beliefs or national origin, creating a distinct racial group.

Many Arab Americans believe that anti terrorism policies have made them a distinctive racial group, how is this shaping the Arab and Muslim identity in the United States?

This perceived discrimination has had a significant effect on how Arabs and Muslims view themselves within society. Many feel that there is a lack of acceptance from their peers who may be quick to label them with stereotypes or associate them with terrorism simply because of their faith–this leads increased mistrust towards those same people resulting alienation/isolation! Furthermore it has also caused heightened sense insecurity making daily lives more difficult not only culturally but socially too this due obstacles faced when attempting participate certain activities such attending school work functions etc…

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Moreover these anti terrorism policies further compounded by attitudes public officials—many view community negative light viewing it threat instead potential ally disregarding fact vast majority strive peacefully serve country best interests! As result entire population now seen through suspicious lens which ultimately affects individual\’s ability meaningfully engage wider society without fear prejudice possible conflict ensuing due political views held!

In conclusion then clear anti terrorism polices influence way Arabs/Muslims perceive themselves within US thus shaping identity significantly–through understanding effects able gain better insight into difficulties encountered trying fit within system whilst remaining true values/beliefs simultaneously thus allowing readers appreciate magnitude problem greater depth!

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