Posted: February 13th, 2023

Locate a peer-reviewed article that discusses how leaders must have a vision when leading an organization globally. Summarize the article with an eye on the author’s main point. 

In the article, “Leadership and Ethics: The Impact of Vision in International Organizations” published by Leadership & Organization Development Journal, author Lauren E. Walker explores the importance of vision for successful leaders in global organizations. Walker argues that having a clear, compelling vision is essential to create an effective and ethical organizational culture, build trust between people from different nationalities and backgrounds, increase international collaboration and communication within the organization, promote positive change initiatives across geographies, motivate employees to take on new responsibilities, and support sustainable development initiatives.

Locate a peer-reviewed article that discusses how leaders must have a vision when leading an organization globally. Summarize the article with an eye on the author’s main point.

Walker explains that while it is difficult to establish a globally accepted definition of leadership, it can generally be thought of as “a process by which individuals are able to influence others towards desired outcomes” (Walker). She further outlines how good leadership includes having an understanding of different cultures and contexts when making decisions; possessing strong decision-making skills; engaging in effective interpersonal communication; demonstrating integrity; displaying creativity; developing trust among employees; establishing shared values among team members; demonstrating empathy towards all stakeholders involved with the organization. Lastly she outlines how having a clear vision can be extremely beneficial for a leader managing an international organization as this allows them to set goals based on collective values or beliefs instead of individual preferences which leads to greater cooperation within the group/organization.

The author then provides three key components for creating an effective global vision: 1) Aligning visions with core values – Leaders need to ensure that their personal beliefs align with those held by global stakeholders in order to create an effective environment where everyone can work together productively 2) Establishing meaningful relationships – Leaders should foster open dialogue between people from diverse backgrounds so they can understand each other’s perspectives better 3) Developing creative solutions – Having creative solutions available helps leaders solve problems quickly without major disruptions caused by cultural clashes or language barriers.

The article ultimately concludes that understanding how one’s own personal beliefs affect their ability as a leader is essential when leading internationally. When leaders have clearly articulated visions they are more likely to build trust between colleagues from different countries since they will know what each other stands for even if there are differences in opinion or culture. It also increases motivation among team members who want their work product recognized internationally due its alignment with core values indicated in their leader’s mission statement. Lastly having a clear vision allows leaders to develop creative solutions quickly when faced with any type of issue across borders or cultures ensuring success within the organization despite unforeseen obstacles along the way

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