Posted: February 13th, 2023

Is the death penalty effective?

The death penalty is the government-sanctioned killing of an individual for certain crimes committed. It has been used as a form of justice and punishment for centuries throughout history, but today the effectiveness of this controversial practice remains in question.

Is the death penalty effective?

Proponents of the death penalty argue that it is effective in deterring crime by instilling fear into potential criminals and providing a sense of closure to victims’ families. This idea is based on the belief that people are rational actors who weigh risks against rewards when deciding whether or not to commit a crime, so if they know they can potentially be sentenced to death then they won’t do it. Additionally, advocates claim that since capital punishment represents society’s ultimate sanction against violent offenders, it sends a strong message about what behaviour is unacceptable.

However, opponents point out numerous flaws with this notion and cite evidence suggesting that capital punishment does not reduce violent crime rates any more than long prison sentences do. Research has shown there is no significant relationship between states where execution occurs regularly versus those which use other forms of punishments such as life imprisonment without parole. Furthermore, recent studies indicate that there may even be an increase in homicide rates following executions due to copycat killings inspired by media coverage of them.

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