Posted: March 10th, 2023

Is Madame Defarge justified for her revenge? 

In Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities, Madame Defarge is a prominent figure who seeks revenge against the Marquis St. Evrémonde for his evil deeds and injustices inflicted upon her family. While she has been widely criticized as an example of vengeful justice, it can be argued that Madame Defarge is justified in her actions given the context of her situation.

Essay promt: Is Madame Defarge justified for her revenge?

The first argument in favor of Madame Defarge’s desire for vengeance is based upon the fact that the Marquis had brutally murdered her brother and cruelly abused various other members of her family over the years. This act alone would have been enough to cause great distress to any person and would understandably lead one to seek retribution against such a nefarious individual . Moreover , at this time period there were no legal or social outlets available to pursue justice due to the lack of rights afforded by society and government towards those living below them on the socio-economic scale . Therefore , it could be said that Madame Defarge was left with little choice but to take matters into her own hands if she wanted any sort of closure or satisfaction from what had transpired .

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In addition , prior to seeking revenge on behalf of herself and her deceased brother , Madame Defarge also works tirelessly in support of others around Paris whose families have suffered similar fates as hers due to aristocratic oppression She organizes revolutionary meetings rallies gives hope many people oppressed classes Although these efforts may not directly part plan exacting revenge they demonstrate commitment furthering greater good which should taken into account when judging character .

To conclude , while looking solely at outcome Madame Defarge’s pursuit justice appears quite extreme measures taken reach this point understandable within larger context It clear see why felt driven seek vengeance after seeing brother killed having lived under thumb oppressive aristocracy for so long Furthermore work aiding fellow citizens shows dedication bringing about positive change overall References : Dickens C (2007 )A Tale Of Two CitiesAvailableAtHttps//wwwgutenbergorg/files /98/98h / 98hhtml Accessed 27 July 2021 Petuchowski J(2018 ) Affective Justice: Revenge And The Social Contract In ‘A Tale Of Two Cities Available At Https//wwwjstororg/stable/4071445?seq=1 Accessed 28 July 2021

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