Posted: March 12th, 2023

Is it necessary for an organization to have both leadership and management

Yes, it is necessary for an organization to have both leadership and management. Leadership is the ability to inspire and lead others towards a common goal or direction (Lussier & Achua, 2018). Management on the other hand, requires setting goals and objectives, planning action steps to reach those goals, implementing those plans and measuring progress along the way (Lussier & Achua, 2018). Both of these are equally important in order for organizations to succeed.

Leadership provides guidance by focusing on creating a vision of the future that inspires people. Leaders help create a strong culture within an organization that encourages collaboration between employees as well as inspiring them towards success (Lussier & Achua, 2018). They provide motivation for people to be their best selves by helping them identify risks and opportunities in order to improve performance. By providing timely feedback and recognition for outstanding work leaders can also ensure that their team remains motivated (Scottoline et al., 2017).

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Managers however focus more on getting things done efficiently using resources available at their disposal while working within organizational structures such as budgets and staffing constraints (Scottoline et al., 2017). Managers act as problem solvers who organize tasks into efficient processes so they can be completed accurately with minimum effort. This ensures that all activities are carried out in accordance with company policies. By monitoring progress over time managers can adjust operations accordingly if specific outcomes are not met or exceeded (Hitt & Ireland 2011).

Is it necessary for an organization to have both leadership and management

The combination of leadership and management skills enable organizations to reach their ultimate goals successfully by bridging any gaps between expectations from upper management along with those from employees who actually do the work on the ground level (Goleman 2000). Leadership functions like providing concrete direction about where the company should go whereas management handles how this process should be implemented effectively through appropriate communication channels so everyone is aware of what needs doing when it needs doing etcetera(Goleman 2000) .This allows projects/initiatives taken up by an organization move forward smoothly without facing too many obstacles created due internal disagreements or miscommunications caused due lack of proper procedure .

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It is generally accepted now ,that having both leadership skills as well as managerial capabilities makes someone far better equipped than just possessing one particular trait alone which will benefit any firm immensely in terms of overall productivity ,efficiency ,profitability ,etc….(Heathfield 2019)

Therefore it’s clear why firms need both leadership skills sets along with managerial traits because each plays its own unique role in making sure everything runs according plan without any significant hiccups while reaching desired objectives even when faced challenging situations.(Heathfield 2019) The interplay between these two functions allow organizations obtain optimal performance levels through careful use of resources thereby aiding long-term sustainability despite current market conditions under which business entities operate today.(Harrison et al 2012 )

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Consequently It’s becoming increasingly evident now why most companies require individuals possess both capability required leading teams along managing them proficiently at same time since Organizations need people exhibit qualities belonging both disciplines simultaneously . To summarize having either one will leave voids still requiring support from other function creating bottlenecks increasing chances failure unfortunately . Therefore businesses must employ personnel capable taking charge positions equip handle responsibilities easily being able juggle roles seamlessly making whole system run concurrently continuously yielding positive results short medium long term respectively .

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